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  • Riki63 - Smells wonderful!

    I am a cold-process soap maker and this purchase was made for use in my products. This is my second purchase of Frankincense Essential Oil. My other bottle is from another supplier. In comparing the two oils side-by-side I can say with some confidence that the two oils are the same. They smell the same; fresh, woody, balsamic, slightly spicy and fruity. And they are similar in potency; not overwhelmingly strong, but certainly fragrant. This product smells fabulous. It is very nearly clear and very thin.

  • shopaholic - Feeling like a rebel…

    Growing up I always heard from doctors and parents that one should never pop a pimple or blackhead because it will cause scarring. I remember going to a dermatologist as a teenager and the dermatologist started using one of these tools to pop some blackheads. My mother was horrified and we never went there again. I never forgot it though and now that I am an adult, I decided to try it one more time. It is that rebel spirit in me, I guess, that wondered whether all those internet videos on blackhead extractions were really wrong. I have to say that it is very satisfying to use and see the blackhead come out. It is gross to be sure, but also oddly satisfying.

  • Grant - It fixed my head gasket leak!

    I have a 1999 Chrysler 300M. Heater stopped working at idle, filled it up a and a couple weeks later no heat again. Turned out to be a head gasket leak. I was very skeptical at first about this product, but I thought I'd at least give it a try, because the other alternative was over $1000 to fix. I can say I am totally impressed. 8 months later and almost 20,000 miles it hasn't lost a drop of antifreeze.

  • S. Shah - Best all around virus scan out there..period

    I've been a fan of Kaspersky's products for many years now and I've gotten all of my family members to use it. It was one of first virus scans to update multiple times a day instead of once per week as many products used to do. Nothing is fool proof however the heuristics utilized in this product are second to none in my opinion. Do your own research for "Virus Scan" reviews on Google (Filter by year!)

  • Roxanne - The bike is very comfortable to use but putting it together was not as ...

    The bike is very comfortable to use but putting it together was not as easy as other posters said. There were over 40 parts and the instructions are not clear (they are not step by step). I would tell anyone to spend the money and have it assembled.