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  • Christopher Wayne Kenly - Great product!

    This stuff is amazing!! My teeth are not in the best shape and already I can tell a difference. My teeth not Only feel clean all day, but my guns have stopped bleeding Too. I do think it will take a couple more weeks before my teeth are whiter and that's ok!

  • L. Cowart - Just like everyone else..

    If you could only get one book that provided info on getting into medical school, this is it. It is the de facto guide from getting into an osteopathic school.

  • Amazon Customer - Powered Our House for Seven Days

    We lost our power for seven days due to hurricane Sandy. We ran the generator intermittently for five hours a day to maintain a fair level of heat and to keep our refrigerato/freezer cold enough to preserve the food we had on hand. The machine worked perfectly. Usually started with one pull. Couldn't have asked for more.

  • 5171Miles (Ashley) - R.S. Grey at her BEST!

    When authors write romance, I feel like they are trying to achieve what R.S. Grey just accomplished with A Place in the Sun.  I could not put this book down—it was everything!  A beautiful location- check, likeable characters- check, slow build- check, drama without being overly dramatic- check, happily ever after- check! This book touched on all of my favorite things in a novel.  I absolutely love British characters because their way of speaking is so intriguing and fun for me to read or listen to, and I can’t get enough of European locations, especially ones like Vernazza.   Grey did such an amazing job of describing the Italian city, that when I Googled pictures after reading it looked exactly as I had pictured it in my mind.  Only a great writer can describe a location so effortlessly without being overly descriptive and boring. 

  • Olong Johnson - Try it out

    It does something I'm not sure of what exactly but you can feel it. I mapped out my life plans one day in a very impressive visual presentation but that was the day after I'd taken it. I've never done that before so it could've very well been the alpha brain.

  • Kelly N. - I've used other brands and formulas before with wonderful results. I'm not sure if it was my ...

    Followed all instructions correctly and had zero results. I mean nothing. I've used other brands and formulas before with wonderful results. I'm not sure if it was my body or what but I would invest in another brand.