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  • Ivan - Looks great.but...

    This antenna works fine and looks great. Installing this could not have been easier, you literally unscrew the original and screw this one in. I would have given this five stars except that some of the weaker stations that used to sound ok with the original antenna now have a little static.

  • Rick Grannan - Can't miss

    I can't rate, just because of I enjoy short stories, and I will read all short stories, no matter what.

  • Suebaby - Amaaaaazing; I'm addicted now!

    First off, let me say that for as long as I can remember, my hair and I have been deadlocked in mutual hatred. Baby-fine with a weird little wave (the hair, that is, not me); never got past a certain length before breaking off; started to fry nice and crispy at the merest glimpse of a blow-dryer or a day of fun in the sun. Yep, my hair would've been right at home sticking out of the collar and sleeves of the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.

  • Kevin - We are living in a historical election, and Mike is taking note.

    Win or lose, love or hate him, you cannot deny that Trump's campaign will be remembered and studied for generations by experts who may not even understand how exactly to study it. For his third book, Mike Cernovich tackles the difficult task of approaching and summarizing the America we live in today, and how Donald Trump managed to take it on with no holds barred.

  • Andrea Post - Awesome cream!

    I use this finishing cream under my SPF 30 moisturizer. I do see the difference on my skin complextion. I do notice that my pores around my cheek are smaller than what they use to look!!! Amazing stuff. YOu definitely need to use it every day to see results! You don't see the results overnight but in a matter of 2 or 3 weeks you will see the difference. I will be buying more from Perricone MD. I came across this product at Sephora but the price that they were asking for was to much! So i checked Amazon. They seem to have the best prices. Beware this product is strong so you don;t need to apply to much of this cream on you! It tingles a little bit. Just wait aboout 5 or 8 min to apply your SPF moisturizer.

  • David - Great design and sharp look

    Great design and sharp look. Easy to bump, set, hit. I've played with volleyballs before that feel like a balloon or playground ball. Not with this Mikasa. Everyone that has played with this ball absolutely love it