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  • Robert E. Marmorstein - Try Watching a Gerbil on a exercise wheel...

    At some point this Gallagher Family starts to look like the pet gerbil running on the wheel faster and faster and going nowhere. Color me old fashioned and thinking people learn and grow. This family continually descends after every life lesson, led by father. Oldest daughter Fiona, who on the start of our adventure in Gallagher land takes upon her broad shoulders the responsibilities of keeping her family together is a constant life example of the phrase One step forward and two steps back.

  • Tangmama - It is unbelievable!

    It cleared my son's acnes in 3 weeks!!! He tried everything from over the counter wash to prescription medicine and cream but non of those worked for him. A friend recommended this vitamin and we just gave it a try without much expectation. Who would think a vitamin can heal acnes? But it actually worked. We started to see improvement after the first week and now at the third week, there's no new acne and the old acnes are almost all gone. He is taking 2 per day instead of the recommended 3.

  • B. D. Hamilton - Works for allergies, too!

    I chose this because a friend recommended it. She said she has always kept Goldenseal to take when she feels a cold coming on. She takes a capsule and goes to bed. The next day the symptoms are gone. Our d-in-law had had allergy caused symptoms that were like the beginning of a cold. She took it one night and the next day her head was clear!

  • Savvy Shopper - Durable & well-made but confusing guidelines

    We purchased this product for our 19-mos old daughter. We had been using the Fisher Price Healthy Care Feeding and Booster seat (which we have loved!) in place of a high chair. It's worked great, and is easy to tote to restaurants and others' houses. She's not ready for a booster yet, but we needed something else because she has figured out that she can push her feet against the table and rock the chair (to which the booster is strapped) back. Yikes!

  • Amazon Customer - Love our Purple mattress

    We LOVE our Purple mattress! We've had it for almost two months. My back is TONS better. The mattress is VERY heavy. Open the roll where you want the mattress to be. At first, it had an odor, but it's gone now. It seemed a little too firm initially, but it feels great now. I can't feel when my husband gets in and out of the bed either. Bonus! I have to say a few nights I have woke up warm, but it may have been just the evenings getting warmer in the spring. We also love the seat cushion on hard surfaces.

  • Ms. Russell - Decent Collection

    Good compilation, but only a few of the essays presented here strike me as worthy of "Best Of..."