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  • Brian Healy - good product

    i recommend this to all guys who don't like body hair like me and it also good in the manly area down below (don't judge) i just don't like hair there and shaving it sucked its a huge hassle and most guys now a days shave down there anyways cause females don't like it (like my girlfriend)but when you put it on you have to put on a lil bit more then recommended cause the hairs are deeply rooted and thick and leave it on longer then directed but overall great product leaves it smooth and clean if you do it right and the only downfall is the scent it is very strong and i don't recommend doing it before you start your day in public cause it is strong but if if you shower after you remove it and soap well enough the scent will not be as strong

  • Lisa - wish i had this information years ago!

    this book has become my bible for caring for my mind and my body. it's a great resource for anyone seeking knowledge on hoslitic health as a person of african descent.

  • MinAust - Kaspersky Anti Virus 2014

    Let me start out by pointing out that I'm a gray-haired retiree who was a computer professional his entire adult life (since the mid '70s). It's not like I'm a newbie.

  • Geraldnola - I love this case!

    I purchased a few different iPhone cases that can help replace the need to carry a wallet and this is my favorite so far. It is designed very well and really does hold things in place without any fear of accidently opening or snapping open when dropped. It can hold about 2/3 cards and some cash.

  • Emilee Akey - Lifesaver

    EVERY PARENT NEEDS THIS! I cannot believe I didn't find this until my second child. I used the bulb when my daughter was small, and then used the NoseFrieda after that. When my second child was a couple of months old, I saw this and knew I had to have it. I have used this more than any other item. This is such a lifesaver for my son and for myself. It helps to clear his mucus when he is sick so that he can nurse, eat, and breathe. I will continue to use this on my son and recommend it to any new parent. It may even become my go-to baby shower gift (even though it doesn't appear to be the cute gift haha)

  • N. Hayes - Solid Program and Gets the Job Done

    H&R does a very serviceable job getting your taxes done and I will continue to purchase the program. This is the 10th year in a row I have this or Tax Cut to prepare my taxes. I am comfortable with the program and understand most of its quirks. It continues to improve and that is important. It will only get 4 stars from me because 5 stars denotes approaching perfection and nothing approaches perfection. Strongly recommend this program for everyone.