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    City: 77 , India

  • Kurt L. Rozek - Beautiful and Simple

    The key to using this great product is really good preparation. I used Simply Green cleaner (full strength) and some Scotch green scrubbing pads. I let the furniture dry for a couple days then I used 300 grit sandpaper and sanded every surface. I used mineral spirits on a rag to get off all of the fine dust. Using a foam brush I painted every surface and then double coated the most exposed surfaces. The project I was working on was a table and six chairs. The quart of stain/sealer did the whole thing.. What I really like were the compliments -- it looked great and the color is great. This dining set had not been previously refinished and was about eight years old. It looks brand new now.

  • Dennis - Horrible menus, bad beyond belief

    Hate it. I downgraded from the 2010 version, which I like very much, but 2010 won't write to GBT drives. 2016 menus are terrible, the worst. Difficult to find previous backups; it's hard to imagine why anyone would design the menus like this. Absolute pits. 2016's interface is the worst of any software I've ever used.

  • Simon Green - Fun game, fun with friends.

    My wife loves to dance to this game, and sometimes I do as well. We don't care that much about the motion sensor score, it's more about just having fun with friends.

  • Tracie Jones Burris - Great story -- well written.

    Very interesting read and comprised of humor, love, loyalty, chivalry, and basically everything one is looking for in a romance novel. I enjoyed this book.

  • D. McCall - Impressive up, down and all around

    I've had this modem in place for a month now and I am impressed in every respect. I previously had the Motorola 901 (which was a rock-solid performer), and upgraded to gain the "N" level of wireless performance and be prepared for DOCSIS 3.0 from my cable provider (Charter). I find this gateway performs to the limits of my ISP (which in my case at my rural location it 25 down and 3 up), and has good "reach" throughout my home. It performs flawlessly including hosting uninterrupted 4-way video-conferencing (Apple iSight). For those having problems, I suggest you relax your firewall settings a bit, especially those related to scrubbing packets. All make sure your cable provider is doing their part on the performance in, including having the right levels of line voltages in and out of your home (you can see these on the unit's diagnostics panel). In sum, I'm smiling, have no remorse whatsoever, would buy again, and would advise my best Friend to do so as well.

  • Warren Fusselle - Outstanding TV

    Recieved it today and Im very impressed! It was the easiest tv to set up I've ever had. The menu has been simplified and was a pleasure. Color is outstanding. The picture out of the box was very acceptable but with minor tweaking it is absolutely outstanding! At the moment I have a 55" Sharp 4K tv in the family room less than one year old waiting to be repaired by Sharp as it quit working. I can tell you without reservation the picture on the Sharp, which i thought was pretty good, was never as good as this tv. Black backgrounds are dead black, no bleeding of any kind. I couldnt be happier with this purchase.

  • hanshanmtn - Very good B12 sublingual tablet

    This is a good quality brand, my doctor likes it also, and there are no dubious "inactive" ingredients. Most B12 sublingual tabs dissolve slowly, but you will get more benefit from letting it dissolve rather than chewing it. This is still a good value overall.