Anonymous - Anonymous - Bavolex is a natural IBS remedy that treats irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) quickly and effectively. It's scientifically formulated based on several clinical studies.

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  • MrGrave - Kid can't stop reading this.

    My kid recently got his "black belt " as a third grader reader, so this was part of a "hard-copy" treat for him. He has most of his books in his iPad, but he actually enjoys hard-copies of books from time to time.

  • R. Singer - Force you to give up private personal and financial information to do the mandatory registration

    I've used Quickbooks for years. One star because they now force you to register the product online to even use it. This includes giving them all sorts of personal information like phone number, email, address. Blatant attempt to force their customers to give them marketing information.

  • Amazon Customer - There are a lot of people who bought this and used it for one day and had nothing but bad things to say about it

    I was very hesitant about writing a review about this product right after using it. After two weeks I can honestly say it works very well. The product does exactly what it advertises. IT MAKES YOU SWEAT. There are a lot of people who bought this and used it for one day and had nothing but bad things to say about it. I applied it to different muscle groups I was working out over the past two weeks and used it in multiple different conditions i.e lifting focusing on chest or running outside while it was hot and running outside while it was cold. Since my gym is highly air conditioned I never really got a good sweat and I was constantly cooled off. I applied this just to my chest and did my normal routine for the day. I noticed I have more blood flow going to that area and I was getting a better pump overall but do the arctic like AC system I still could not a get a good sweat. Legs however I did not have problem dripping sweat and my shorts had looked like they had fallen in the pool. I used this in the sauna and worked miracles. I came out of the sauna looking like I had just showered.

  • J Francis - Incredible for the skin!

    I took "before" pictures of my face, and then one month later, pictures in the same light, same clothes, same time of day. The difference is ASTOUNDING! This may be the best it gets, but I'm putting a note on my planner to take more pictures in another month. Also, my fingernails were harder within about 4 days--a lot faster than gelatin powder has ever been, obviously dose related to the amount of collagen 1+3 in 4 pills/day vs. 2 Tbsp./day of gelatin. I haven't noticed any muscular/tendon difference, but there may or may not be some. I'll have to test it out better. I get tendinitis in all my limbs, at different times, so I've been very leery of using weights, even 1-pound weights. I will try it out slowly, and see if it brings benefit or damage. Biggest drawback is that we don't have any data that I know of, of possible long term damage, using so high a dosage of collagen 1+3, so there may or may not be risk.

  • kent m - Works, but requires lots of patience to build

    This is not for most children, regardless of age. I'd have to say it would take someone at least 12+ (maybe 16+) with lots of patience and dexterity. My hands cramped up winding the coil and it took me (40+ years old) a solid hour to wind. I agree with others that attaching all of the wires was equally difficult. I gave it two stars, maybe a half star more, because I was able to get it to work. I would have been really angry if it didn't work after all that effort. I'm glad I stuck with it, but others should be aware of the determination it requires to complete.