Willkommen - Auf meinen Seiten erhalten Sie einen Eindruck über die Möglichkeiten der sphärischen Panoramen, auch Kugelpanoramen oder 360 x 180° Panoramen genannt.

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 8.4653 Baden-Württemberg Region, Germany

  • Christopher Thomas - Great product!

    This is a great product! It didn't cause any kind of cramping, discomfort, or diarrhea. I I use it once or twice a day for perfect cleansing.

  • Wendell Wittler - The Ultimate Achievement from the Rand-om Corporation

    This has the potential to become one of the most controversial books ever published. After all, the whole concept of "Random Numbers" flies in the face of both the emerging religious concept of "Intelligent Design" and the scientific orthodoxy about an "Elegant Universe". And those trying to uphold the standards of morality are sure to be shocked, SHOCKED at the 100,000 Deviates the book is claiming are "Normal" (not to mention discovering that there are just as many Republicans as Democrats on the list). I expect a lot of statisticians of all philosophical stripes are going to be digging deeply into this volume and there are sure to be many challenges that a listing that begins with "10097" and "32533" is truly random. And like many of the more avant-garde works of art, it's sure to be frequently dismissed as "boring" or "for numbers geeks only". But this is the kind of book that is destined to change the world - or not; it's really a coin toss.

  • T. Dennis - Broke in a month, HORRIBLE customer service!

    I loved the NutriBullet when I got it, I used it every day. I purchased mine directly from their website. I even posted on my blog how awesome it was and recommended it to others. After having it about a month it sprung a leak, I had smoothie all over my counter and dripping down through the power base. I unplugged it and sent an email to customer service. I received no answer from them after three days so I tried to call them, after wading through a sea of voice prompts I finally received a message that said their customer service queue was full and to call back later - wow, no answer to email and they won't even take my calls.