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  • Nick - Read the reviews before buying!

    I should have listened to the poor reviews before buying! Nothing grew! Nothing!..Such a waste of money! Total disappointment :(

  • Carrie - Works great!

    Since having a baby I've become more conscious about the chemicals in my home. I've been switching to "green" cleaning products and came across Shaklee on a blog post.

  • Jeffrey T Eaton - not worth the contamination of the rest of the cooling system

    used in my 99 grand cherokee (thanks to the normal garbage jeep engineering) and stopped leak only partially. It did manage to clog up everything else like my overflow tank hose which blocked my tank from topping off the radiator. usedd a rod to clean all the aluminum junk out of the hose. I wonder how many cooling ports in the engine are now clogged. I guess i just wait for the head gasket to blow from excessive heat in the blocked cylinder head ports. thanks bars. Normal jeep owner that has replaced everything in my jeep except the steering wheel thanks to jeeps awsome engineering feets...NOT

  • Rita Giordano - Be works

    I am a 64 r old woman who has had what seemed like very thick hair all my life. In reality I had thin hair but a lot of it. Then started noticing my bangs were getting thinner and thinner and hair in the sink and shower, the a LOT of it, then on my head thinning spots. I was mortified and have had to cut my hair short in a pixie cut because any length made it more noticeable. Every hairdresser's answer was Nioxin which did nothing. Tried others. NOTHING.