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  • Amazon Customer - An editor would help this author

    This book started out as a nice little sci-fi story but turned into a bad young adult romance novel. The author has some talent and she could have turned this into a good story but switching genres in the middle of the book made me stop reading.


    I hate putting eye shadow because it would crease and look oily by late morning. I tried Sephora brand primer and it was horrible - I still had smudgey eye shadow and creases. My friend told me to try Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I am amazed how wonderful the product it. It is so worth the money. I have not had to re-apply my shadow in the middle of the day. It last alll day and night. It is simply amazing. Can't wait to try the other shadow primers by Too Faced. I will be a long time user!

  • Hockey Mom - Hockey Mom

    My son wanted this game for his birthday, but was sold out in stores. He was so excited to finally get this 3DS game and loves to play it all the time. Thank you so much for a great product.


    Not sure this does much of anything....I have had this unit for 5 months now and used it faithfully 3-5 days a week for 5 months and I can honestly say I don't see ant noteworthy improvements..I took BEFORE and AFTER photo to compare and still look the same. No one noticed ANY changes to my skin tone or complexion. Save your money for actual fillers or skin tightening procedure at dermatologist office as this is a waste of money.

  • J. James - Highly recommended for dedicated self-study, especially for math

    Very good book. It has tons of practice problems, organized by problem type. It teaches you how to solve a problem type then gives you 50 or 60 practice problems of that type. There are a ton of math problems. This is the only book I used to prepare for the GRE, and I was very happy with my score. Note that there are only a few complete practice test sections with mixed problem types in this book. I timed myself for 20 or 30 problems and tried to keep my average time under 90 seconds per problem so I would be able to pace myself on the exam. That worked great, so I could pace myself well. But on the real test, if you do really well on the first couple math sections you'll see the later sections get much harder and you will not be able to pace yourself. This book does not prepare you for the dynamically changing difficulty level of the real test. It does give you a good tutorial on how to solve each major type of math problem.

  • SUPERMAN - Corey Done Went and Brought It!!!

    Move over Beatles, Corey done went and brought it! In what is for sure to be the biggest selling record of all-time, Mr. Feldman has done and "gone for it, go 4 it, go 4 it," Utilizing the musical brilliance of a backing band that can flat out hold instruments like nobody else, Corey has gone "Lost Boy" on us! Causing us to lose our minds at how great music can be, when Feldman decides to "go 4 it, go 4 it.", I bought this album for the probing and insightful lyrics, but was taken back more by the complex musical arrangements and the all-star ensemble that calls it self the Angel band. One can only suppose that this is the very kind of music Corey used to listen to when he was learning music and other things from his musical idol Michael Jackson. I think if Michael was alive to day, seeing Corey on stage performing this music, would make Jacko "go 4 it, go 4 it." Please, Corey, stay clean, and keep following your dream of making music, you make us all want to "go 4 it, go 4 it."