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  • SomeTinkererGuy - It works, I can't believe it!

    So I bought a Land Rover Discovery I with an oil leak severe enough that it would literally smoke from under the hood at stop lights! (got a great deal though)

  • Ana K. - Your Skin is NOT being exfoliated!

    I got suckered into purchasing this product at a mall kiosk. And at first I thought it was great, but I'm a licensed Aesthetician and I kept wondering if that much skin could really come off after every use. Then I realized that my dead skin was not actually coming off, it was the gel itself that makes it look like your dead skin is coming off. Try rubbing it on any smooth surface, even glass, and you will get the same resuts. In my opinion, the best way to exfoliate your skin is to use a clean wash cloth and plain water, and just scrub in small circular motions with your fingers. Be sure to get all areas of your face.

  • Geoff Berry - Amazing router

    I am totally amazed with this router. It w as a little bigger than I expected but not by much. I plugged in the router and my computer immediately identified it. I went to the website provided on the card in the box and it walked me thru the easiest setup I've ever done. The router was up and functioning in less than 10 minutes. It puts out an incredibly strong signal. I'm now getting full WiFi bars on my tablet everywhere in the house. I'm even able to pick up the signal out at the pool, which is not something I was able to do with my old router. I would strongly recommend this router to anyone looking for a new router.

  • kathy t. - it does work.

    i love this. it is the only colon cleanse pill that has worked for me. it is very gentle, however i recommend to start with 2 pills and gradually move to 4 daily. remember to take a few weeks to rest before starting on a new bottle.

  • derek - it looks great and fits right

    this gets a 2 star only because i am not able to get signal on it. it looks great and fits right, but thats just it, its for looks. also when i tried to take it off the ceramic piece separated from the metal piece making it more difficult to remove.

  • Amazon Customer - It worked just like I saw it on YouTube

    Howzit everybody! Fix-A-Floor saved me time and money! It worked just like I saw it on YouTube. No problems I have enough left over to fix one more loose tile.

  • Irene N - Broke after three months

    When it worked it was great. But three months after the purchase it broke and showed 16% everywhere even in a steamy bathroom. Now the display is not even showing the numbers completely. Not expensive, but worthless purchase. I do not recommend this product.