Momentive Performance Materials - Momentive helps solve new problems in innovative ways. Discover just how far "what if" will take you.

  • - Addisil Heat Curable Rubber - Momentive's Addisil heat-cured rubber line of products are dependable, versatile and can be formulated for a wide variety of industry applications. Learn more.
  • - AgroSpred* Agricultural Adjuvants - AgroSpred* agricultural adjuvants is a line of advanced multifunctional adjuvants that may help optimize the spread and penetration effectiveness of agricultural spray applications. Learn more.
  • - Anchorsil* Coatings - Anchorsil* products by Momentive may offer effective anchorage additives for cationic UV-cure coatings, film release liners and other applications. Learn more.
  • - Carbo NXT Silane - Carbo NXT silane is an excellent coupling agent for silica-reinforced tire tread compounds when liquid silanes are inconvenient. Learn More.
  • - CoolFlow BN Powder Grades - We utilize decades of expertise in BN technology to improve our compound’s cost-effectiveness as a thermal conductor in electrically insulating applications. Learn More.
  • - CoolFX Hybrid Modifiers - Momentive's CoolFX hybrid modifiers provide a more cost-effective solution for most thermal management applications. Learn more.
  • - e-free Silane - Momentive’s e-free silane is a mercaptofunctional silane that can help reduce ethanol emissions in industrial rubber, tire and shoe manufacturing. Learn More.

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  • m. we - It is comfortable and the voice quality is good on both ends

    It is comfortable and the voice quality is good on both ends. But I really hate this bluetooth headset.

  • shae - I am so happy I received my Trivium test prep today

    I am so happy I received my Trivium test prep today. This is exactly what I need to pass my exam. It has 100 practice question to keep me thinking and practicing all the concepts I need to know! Thanks so much! I did receive this at a discount for my honest opinion.

  • Laura A. Fitzgerald - Digital artwork program for beginners

    The AutoDesk Sketchpro 2011 program was relatively easy to install as per its instructions included, and I had a rough time adjusting to its on-screen guidance methods, but it came out really great! I strongly recommend it for digital beginners & novices eager to get the hang of this special field!

  • Paul Harradine - Great product al round

    Great product al round. Great HD definition, no stalls buffering even when I had 3 other computers within 5 yards of me freezing all at once, this computer just kept working. Highly recommended.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect

    This filter was just what I needed. I am very satisfied. It was very easy to install just like I expected. The exact replica of the original that I replaced. Very glad, now I know where to get the next. It even came with a box discount on the next purchase.

  • M. Bernson - Don't let the low price fool you..

    I purchased this from a local retailer because I needed pain relief asap. TENS units are everywhere online but in stores there is not a lot of verity. I found one of these in stock locally for about $10 more than the price here at Amazon. So if you can wait for shipping this is the best price. The unit itself is very simplistic and compact but the pads are a little bit on the larger size, which is a good thing. I'm 6 ft tall and the cords can stretch from my about my knee to my shoulders. So you can lay down and still control it without sitting up. The controller has 3 different 15 minute patterns and the intensity can be set from 1-5, 5 being the most intense. I can handle a pretty rough massage and I must say,. Setting 5, is INTENSE! So much so that I find 3-4 being more than adequate. I am very surprise to find that kind of power out of such a cheap unit.

  • April Suk - Wonderful product

    I'll preface a bit.. At one point we had 5 cats, 2 dogs, 2 chinchillas and 1 older child. When we got fleas, we put them all (not the kid of course) in the garage with capstar and bombed the house.