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  • Christi - Good to look for

    Didn't know it was made for Lefties. Good to look for. Still is in great shape today after all these years. Hold's so much! I can take all my school books and go grocery shopping and even tie some bags on the side and be fine. There's a great hook for keys on the side. SO MANY small pockets. Waterproof and easy to clean the inside. The shoulder strap isn't the most comfortable but it was made for a different handed person. Easily Adjustable. Well Made

  • Druentia - The reviews for this are either you LOVE it or HATE it

    I can't help but be the middle man. The reviews for this are either you LOVE it or HATE it. Proof that the American people are so divided on their beliefs that it's comical.

  • S. Yard - Too much excess blah blah blah

    I think maybe this author is a little too comfortable with how successful his book has been in the past, because this edition was so overstuffed with anecdotal and sometimes patronizingly excessive information that I had a hard time actually finding useful stuff. It's in there, but you really have to weed through a lot of fluff to find it. I much preferred the "Cool Careers for Dummies" book, which actually gives practical ways for you to look "inward" and figure out what you want to do with your life. Plus, they have realistic, straightforward information about careers that might interest you. Mr. Bolles may have a lot of experience and think that readers are hanging on his every word, but I did not buy the book to read it for pleasure, I just want to find a career, and some practical ways to get me there without all of the useless banter.

  • Cruz - We love it!

    "It is very lightweight and, after you read the instruction manual (you can download one from Samsung's site if you want to read it before purchase), you will find the controls to be straightforward. The light weight has an advantage, at least for me, of allowing me to hold the camcorder very steadily during an extended shooting period. I have not had to activate the image stabilization circuit thus far and one of my individual videos was 20 minutes in length! There is only minimal, hardly noticeable, unsteadiness. My wife has been pleased with our videos so far and, take my word for it, she is a severe critic!

  • jamie aguirre - fits graco car seat

    I wanted the bob to run but my baby was only 1 month old so I had to order this to fit my graco car seat. It fits great and she loves going for runs in it she falls asleep! I do not like that each accesory for the bob is extra for the price I think it should all be included but oh well.