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    This is my first time using this, and so far very effective. The most beneficial aspect of this colon cleanse is that it doesn't not hurt my tummy. Other products gave me such horrible stomach cramps it felt like I was in labor. This is very gentle.

  • Mojo - this is a fun little thing to have for some late night occasions

    For the price, this is a fun little thing to have for some late night occasions. Works relatively well with sound which is a good feature to have. This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • Giberson - Don't be fooled--there is no warranty AT ALL for this device.

    This was my 7th Samsung phone/tablet since I dumped Apple two years ago and this is the first one that was a lemon. 55 days after I bought it, the screen just died. A Samsung rep at Best Buy plugged it in and said "it is a hardware problem." It is otherwise in mint condition--no drops, blemishes or any scratches at all because of my "obsessive" (according to my wife) care taking. But, while the paperwork that comes with the device says it comes with a 1 year warranty, and the headline of the product states that it comes with a warranty, you have to go to Hong Kong to actually use it. They don't accept mailed items and domestic shops will not service the device. So it is now worthless. My replacement device is a Sony NOT bought here.

  • Christy Frink - Life-saver.

    My sweet, seemingly well-adjusted rescue kitty suddenly started pooping all over the house a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what to do. I took her to the vet immediately to rule out any medical issues, but the vet insisted it was anxiety-related or behavioral and offered to put her on kitty Prosac. Determined to eliminate the anxiety at its source, I'd seen some feral cats lurking outside the house at night, so my next step was to set humane traps and have the landlord close up the crawl space. Didn't help. Got a second litter box at the other end of the house. Didn't help. Put up sight-blinders on the lower halves of my windows. Didn't help. Finally I ordered one of these Comfort Zone diffusers in hopes that it might neutralize whatever she was smelling or sensing, and it fixed the problem immediately: As in, she had not pooped in the box for two solid weeks until I plugged one of these in, at which point she waltzed directly to her litter box and did her thing like a pro.

  • A.J.M. - This did nothing for me, literally. There really ...

    This did nothing for me, literally. There really is not much else I can write than that. It has no effect when taking it to worry about and it ended up having no results for me after finishing the bottle. I stuck with my diet and kept up with my workouts. I lost a few pounds, but I feel I would have lost those few regardless of taking these due to my diet and exercise.

  • ADN Artists and Authors Publishing - Tops getting all the best of the conclusion of 2013 hits

    Very happy with all the songs on this. I missed the show and now I can hear all the songs and see if I agree with the choice of winners, so far from what I've heard I can't argue against the choice of winners. The songs and the winners I love them too. So I'm just happy to have all the songs because I think they are all great music makers on this and hard decision for the judges to make I'm sure.

  • Miranda - Cleared up my acne, but harsh on the skin

    I give this 4 stars because it was the ONLY thing that cleared up my acne. I have been using this for about 3-4 months now. But it is really harsh on the skin. Basically if you use this product your face will be red, itchy, dry and will burn for about a month-2 months after you start. But eventually your skin gets used to the BP and it really worked to get rid of my acne! I still have a few spots (because I pick at my face. Horrible, I know) but it's 1000x better since using the Regimen. I still have dry skin while using it, I'm guessing that it being winter is making it dramatically worse, but I can't use the lotion anymore because I found it was actually breaking me out more. I do have pretty sensitive skin. All the big ugly bumps are gone now and the redness and acne scars can be easily covered with makeup. Very happy with this purchase.