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  • Moyad Orthopedics - Services - What is Orthopedics?Orthopedics or Orthopaedics (old English spelling) is a surgical specialty involved in the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders of the bones, muscles and joints. An Orthopedic Physician is a specialist trained in non-operative a
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  • Moyad Orthopedics - Education - In this education section, you will find links to a variety of general orthopaedic and health related topics. In addition, I share my own personal insight and knowledge for the benefit of all my readers and for the general public.The information contained

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  • Mister Moose - Poor man's macbook air

    I really love my macbook air, and I seriously considered buying another one for my kids to use. Then this little guy showed up. I was sold when Engadget said it was 80% of the macbook air experience at a fraction of the price. I'd say it's more like 60% of the macbook air experience, but that's still an incredible deal for the price.

  • OCMama - Very impressed

    I purchased this kit in April (2012) and have used ever since. I battled acne in my early teens and was put on accutane and my skin cleared up.. until I had my first child 4yrs ago and my face turned into pizza. It was oily and I would get small small bumps all over my forehead and chin. It cleared up with the help of proactive. What I didnt like about proactive is that it made my face itch like crazy and that the day you go off it your bad skin comes back.. and ten times worse!