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  • Kyle R. - Worth the money

    I bought this device because I have a lot of chest and abdomen hair. I shave regularly, and I have attempted waxing, but shaving doesn't last very long and waxing hurts like hell. After using the SensEpil ONCE, my chest hair is already noticeably less dense. I will post again in a few weeks for a status update.

  • Brittany Neumann - Terrible source for TEAS test review

    Terrible source for TEAS test review! There are countless errors not only in grammar and typos but also in inaccurate information. The editors for this book should be fired for overlooking such obvious errors. Complete waste of money. Look elsewhere for reliable test preparation.

  • Soft Paws - Great before it stops working

    Was working great until it stopped working correctly after 6 months. Very unhappy with this mechanical keyboard as I paid close to $100 and expected something that wouldn't give out on me. The keys don't register pushes anymore. Unhappy with the direction Razer has gone with this.

  • L. Heaton - could be pretty scary. So one shouldn't think too hard about ...

    Very decent, makes you think, especially about the control over who lives and who dies. With our corrupt government, could be pretty scary. So one shouldn't think too hard about it. It's entertaining and thought provoking.

  • Timothy E. Williams - Everyone between 60 and 68 needs ths book.

    Heard Andy Landis speak, and this book allowed me to get $50,000 more in benefits that I did not know I could get!