Stiefel MSDS Homepage - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) are provided for Stiefel, a GSK company products to allow Stiefel employer customers to meet right-to-know requirements, to safely handle Stiefel products in their workplaces, and to dispose of them properly.

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  • Michael - Amazing Mattress. I've had one for over a year ...

    Amazing Mattress. I've had one for over a year now and it has been the best purchase I've made for a mattress ever.

  • Amazon Customer - A Man's Review at 9 Weeks; Not Perfect, but Better than the Alternatives

    I bought this 9 weeks ago, and have used it roughly every 10-12 days (admittedly, a little more frequently than the once every two weeks the package recommends), with the goal of getting rid of all of the hair on my chest and abdomen, just for fun. I wanted to be able to feel my wife skin-on-skin without all of my hair in the way. I have pale skin, and black hair; basically the ideal skin/hair combo for this product, so beware that if your skin is darker or your hair is lighter, you may either have more pain, or less results.

  • Lsailor1 - Mobil 1 Gear Lube

    Here's how to change it in a 2012 Dodge Challenger 3.6 liter. "How to change the differential fluid in a 2012 Dodge Challenger 3.6 liter."