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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Dhiggy - Norton 360 has everything you need. Similar software is ...

    Norton 360 has everything you need. Similar software is not complete unless you step up to the premium version which, if purchased, will cost you the same or more. Word of advice, don't buy from the Norton website unless you want to pay full price. Amazon was my final destination for pricing and most importantly, no scams.

  • M. Hull - Good for fantasy baseball

    I love baseball and the sabermetrics and starts of the game. If you are a baseball nerd this is the book for you, excellent Fantasy guide

  • Beth Aaron - I'd bet a weeks pay that most of these drugs ...

    I'd bet a weeks pay that most of these drugs would NEVER have been needed if our concept of FOOD was moral, healthy and correct.

  • Kirk - Good Backup...Poor Interface

    It does the job. I trust it, and after digging into it a bit, I got my backups configured the way I want. But the interface is large pain. They could have done much better making this easier for the average home user to understand.

  • Posh - And the OSCAR goes to Stone Crop Gel Wash!!!!!!!

    This is the best gel wash for sensitive and dry skin. The smell is intoxicating! Stone Crop Gel leaves your skin refreshed, clean and balanced. There is no drying feeling whatsoever. Highly recommend for a daily cleanser!

  • Roberto A. Rodriguez - Not worth it

    I bought this more as an energy booster than a weight loss tool. It did neither. I started with the full dose and I can honestly say I didn't feel it made any difference. Don't waste your money on this, it's not worth it.