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  • Braden Pickering - Spotty motion controls and bizarre interface hinder an otherwise fun game

    I have kept up with the Just Dance series from the beginning and own almost all of them to date - Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, Summer Party, Greatest Hits, ABBA, Michael Jackson, JD2014 - and now JD2015. Not only are they incredibly fun, but I have also used them as my primary workout regimen for about two years now and have lost upwards of 60 pounds in the process with very little modification to my diet. I only mention these things now so any later criticisms come off as more credible and not just the rantings of a casual player who simply can't keep up with the steps or hold the controller properly. Trust me, I know these games inside out, lol.

  • Amazon Customer - AMAZING stroller ...but scratches way too easily!

    This stroller is AMAZING! We get so many compliments on it and all my friends that are having babies now want this or wish they bought this. Well worth the money!

  • Astrid Gemürr - better than a standard tv

    A good price and for such a light item. it provide a large good quality picture. the sound is not bad for its size but i prefer to send sound to an amp then you can have a number of speakers around the room.

  • Amazon Customer - Luckily it died in under a month

    It worked so well initially. Then suddenly, no display what-so-ever. No logo at power on, the OSD menu doesn't display. Just blackness.

  • Paige Snowden - I really like this face wash

    I really like this face wash. It smells good and makes my face and skin feel extremely refreshed and clean. I Love the fact that is has the vitamin C in it too, I always feel very awake every morning after using this, it is awesome. I have not had any problems with this either even with my super sensitive skin. I am really happy with this, I will be ordering more of this for sure once this is gone.

  • Ragman - Joe Does it Again!

    My wife and I have been following Joe's career for more than 12 years. It always amazes us, just when we start to think; O.K. how much more can Joe do before it becomes old hat? He comes up with a performance that once again places you in awe! This release does exactly that. His ability to write and cover songs in such a way, it just blows you away. The horn section, his choice of back-up vocalists, in this case from Australia, the construction of the performance within itself is truly amazing. Joe has redefined Blues in his own way. Some critics are quick to point out that what Bonamassa is playing is not Blues and that may be true in some aspects. I argue that since Blues as well as Gospel is the origin of most Pop and Rock creations and Rock, Pop and Blues is what Joe performs, then Joe is a true Blues artist with the ability to incorporate all facets of music in to his harmonic persona.

  • Lgdowns - false advertisement

    I bought this product since reviews raved about how great it was. I guess, when it comes to protection, it may do its job, but there must be an issue with the adhesive strength. I used both screens to see if the first was just faulty. The perimeter of the screen must not have strong enough adhesive to hold the protector screen to the phone screen. You can see an air bubble perimeter around the entire edge of the screen and it is easy to lift up and off the phone screen. I used the thick, but bendable cardboard scraper used to get rid of air bubbles, however it did not work along the perimeter, I ended up bending the scraper and still have one massive air bubble (more so air bubble strip) that runs along the perimeter of the screen protector. It is very annoying and very apparent when the phone screen is black.