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  • Opiate Study - National Access Cannabis - The purpose of this international study is to investigate the potential use of cannabis a substitute for prescription opiates.

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  • Jacquelyn T. Olsen - AMBEREN and Weight Loss

    I've been on Amberen for 6 weeks now and gained 2 lbs. I am 59 yrs old and never had a weight problem as I ate healthy and exercised. When I hit menopause within a year I gained 20 lbs and then 10 more lbs; 30 lbs all together. I hate to spend money on something that doesn't work, but Amberen's advertisements are big about being able to lose the belly weight that menopause women put on. So sad that money was spent for nothing.

  • jonna overson - Cool to look at, not great in practice

    This product was a very big let down. I bought this one, and a smaller temperature/ hygrometer reader at the same time. Both units were put into my incubator to measure temperature and humidity, and I inserted my calibrated digital cooking thermometer to see how precise the temperature readings were. This unit was consistently about four degrees off from the other two instruments. The humidity readings would fluctuate, but stayed fairly close to the other unit. For such a slick looking device, I expected more precision. This unit seems more like a ballpark gizmo, rather than a reliable tool.