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  • Amazon Customer - Didn't work for my Dell XPS 13 (Gold edition)

    Bought it for my new Dell XPS 13. I bought a new hdmi cable for not as well. Plugged it in, and my laptop flashes nonstop and the monitor doesn't detect a signal. I go through a number of hdmi cables and monitors to see what's wrong, but ultimately, this adapter was what we singled out as the culprit.

  • Kristin - Great Face Cleanser

    I got this Vitamin C Facial Cleanser 4 oz for Anti Aging & Skin Brightening with Vitamin C after hearing great things from a friend. Not only that I found that this is exactly the type of thing I was looking for without the hassle of buying this in the store. I really like the fact that this is a top quality product that can help me in the ways that only this product could. Im glad it worked perfectly well. This is just awesome and I'm super happy with my purchase overall. So I was super happy with being able to get this such in a reasonable cost and not only that the quality was great. This was exactly what I needed at a reasonable cost like it should be. And this seller did not skimp on quality I'll tell you that much. So this is definitely a must have it if you don't have loads of extra money to spend on other similar products that offer the same results.

  • Thomas Allen - Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

    Microsoft Office 2011edition for Mac is probably the best Office for Mac that Microsoft has produced. In many respects it is more complete than the 2016 edition of Office for Mac. This is only my opinion, however. Others may see it differently.

  • Michelle Cullen - Not compatible with my vehicle

    Did not fit my vehicle. After receiving it, I complained to amazon and the description was changed to note that only models after 2010 would be compatible. Glad they revised the review, pretty disappointed I wasted my time and money because it wasn't listed from the get go.

  • Will & Germy - Good & Bad

    This car seat is sleek and looks great. The safety feature are unmatched. However, we ordered two for our twins and they have a very strong chemical smell. You will want to let them air out for a while. We drove from San Antonio to San Diego and had to change them back into their infant car seats because the smell was so strong.

  • Jessica - I've had terrible dark circles for the majority of my life

    Dark spots, under eye dark circles, and scars can be so embarrassing. They're unsightly on your face. They show your age. They don't have to control you though. There's options!

  • wesley m. - You get what you pay for

    Me and my brother both decided to give this reel a try after seeing decent reviews, and because of the cheap price. Needless to say you get what you paid for. We are 3 for 3 on the braking systems failing and giving us issues. When they worked they were decent, but overall they are not worth your time or money. I also purchased one of their spinning reels, needless to say it was a disaster as well. The reel began to grind after 3 usages. I don't want to really bash the company, but from my experience their products are junk. I will stick to name brands from now on