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  • Brigitte - Really helped my hair loss

    I purchased Biotin because I've been losing hair due to medication. It was getting so bad I thought I needed to buy a wig. Biotin really helped. I saw new hair growing in about 3 weeks after starting to take these. It made my hair look fuller, and after taking these about 8 months I'm almost back to normal. I do notice that if I forget to take them for a day or two, I begin to lose more hair.

  • sophiesdad - New product

    I'm thinking of manufacturing a competitor for this product with a far more imaginative name: MINGE TINGE! or BLIFF LIFT!

  • Amazon Customer - Handy book for learning Office 2016

    I like books that help me with computer programs and show actual page examples. Though I feel pretty strong in some the programs covered )like word and excel) it is good to see more short cut reminders. Also I am not that familiar with Access so having more information on how to go through this program makes me feel more confident in using it. I am sure you might be able to also access the information online but for those who like to have their program open and use the book rather then flipping back and forth between screens then this may be a great option.

  • Willy Healey - Wow- great product!

    I LOVE this charger!! It is so hard finding an iPhone charger that actually works. This one does amazing superfast charging, I needed a second charger for my new iPad.and dual chargers are now a necessity. The charger works with Ipad Charges pretty fast. No complaints.