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Wetlands International Oceania - Home - Welcome to the website of the Oceania programme of Wetlands International; the only global NGO dedicated to sustaining and restoring wetlands. This is a subsite of the global wetlands site and is maintained by our our offices in Australia and Fiji.

  • http://oceania.wetlands.org/Whatwedo/Wetlands,humanhealthfoodsecurity/tabid/2366/Default.aspx Wetlands, human health & food security - Wetlands International Oceania works in the Pacific Islands to promote the strong interrelationships between wetlands, and human health and food security.

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  • Marina E. Reich - This book takes marital communication to a whole new level ...

    This book takes marital communication to a whole new level. CD Reiss weaves the story of Adam and Diana with sophisticated prose which itself deserves a second reading. This story looks at trust far below the stereotype of trust - "She trusted him. I thought I trusted him, but not the way she was trusting him...I wanted that intimacy...but I'd locked myself away."