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  • Sweetsue - Great product line

    I'm going to start this by saying I have super thick curly/frizzy mess of hair with a real oily scalp that I have no choice but to wash daily due to all the oil. My hair dresser even agrees I have to wash daily even though she wished I could go least every other day. I also have issues finding products for my hair that are parabin/sulfate free products that don't give me grease streaks. So this is my xp with my type of hair and scalp. I've used the serum for couple years for when I straighten my hair always loved the smell and I could go 2 days without washing if I used baby powder on my roots next day. For the price I would pay at my salon for just the serum, I found this gift set for only $2 more and got so much more. I figured give it a try. The Brush up spray came with it even though it's not listed. Not sure if that was by default or accident. Either way great for me. I did order the Brush Up as an add-on and was glad I did because it has a different spray tip that does more of a mist. Love the smell. Need to bottle for perfume lol. Hair feels clean, shinny and smells great. Only down side is that with my hair if I brush it while it dries it will make me have an afro but that's more my hair being a pia. On days I want to go curly I just add a little gel and curles stay fine with it and doesn't frizz out. I also made error of frying my ends(grabbed wrong bottle) when straightening my hair and product seams to have helped it some. Still will have to go in and get it trimmed but it's not as noticable as what it would have been. All in all love this product

  • Randel metzinger - Great speakers

    Pretty sweet ass speakers man. I've got some older RF Fanatic Q components in my other car and these outperform those by a decent margin. Most notable attribute is the bass response from the woofers. The tweeters sound great but I was really surprised by the thump of the 6.5" woofers

  • Jane Lebak - It worked, kind of.

    It worked. We bought this to help calm down a nearly-feral cat we were trying to socialize. He didn't seem to care, but the dominant cat, who had been aggressing toward him, calmed down very much. The dominant cat is the kind of cat who wants to be in your lap 24 hours a day, purrs because you glanced in his general direction, and wakes you up at 3AM because you haven't petted him for hours. And we noticed him getting MORE affectionate when we plugged in this thing. Right. Whenever the refills ran out, he'd go back to his regular glutton-for-affection self and growl at the feral cat, so we'd swap refills and he'd go back to being super-cuddly.

  • CHUCK - Save your money!!

    I had Hoyle Casino 2006 program and loved it but I wanted a newer version. I thought it would be better than the 2006 version. I couldn't wait to play it. I don't know why they changed it so much. It's no fun at all.

  • King Brandon VII - Perfect product for a single-dad with three daughters

    As the sole caretaker of my three wonderful daughters, the oldest of which is now entering her teen years and getting a bit out of hand, this product is absolutely priceless. On the day it arrived I simply left it open on the living room table and, before long, all three of my little angels were nesting safely and comfortably inside. This binder made balancing my work and home life so much easier. Now I just take the girls to work with me, and there's no chance of them wandering out of the house and being sexually assaulted by our neighbors.

  • Heather - Still The Gold Standard

    I used WillMaker five years ago and was satisfied with it. But by now I've been through a divorce and had two two kids with my new spouse. Clearly I needed a new will. And you know what I found that the 2010 version of Willmaker is even better designed than the old one. Not to mention the fact that Nolo does a superb job with the help. I did the whole job in 20 minutes and still can't believe that I put it off for two years. I've been a long time Nolo fan and the new WillMaker just confirms that they haven't lost their mojo.