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San Francisco Neighborhood Parks Council - Advocate for a superior, equitable and sustainable park and recreation system. NPC provides leadership and support to park users through community-driven stewardship, education, planning and research.

  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/about/ About Us | Neighborhood Parks Council - Making a Difference in San Francisco Parks All of San Francisco's neighborhoods deserve beautiful, well-maintained parks in which to play, mingle, and
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/about/mission/ Mission & General Info | Neighborhood Parks Council - Our Mission Statement: Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC) advocates for a superior, equitable and sustainable park and recreation system. NPC provides leadership
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/about/board/ Board of Directors | Neighborhood Parks Council - Kelly Quirke, Board Chair Jim Sutton, Board Vice Chair The Sutton Law Firm Jonathan Rewers, Board Vice Chair Isabel Wade, Board Secretary Founder
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/about/staff/ Staff | Neighborhood Parks Council - Note that the Neighborhood Parks Council is now the San Francisco Parks Alliance. Click name for full bio Matthew O’Grady Executive
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/about/steeringcommittee/ Steering Committee | Neighborhood Parks Council - NPC maintains an active steering committee comprised of park advocates from across the City who serve to inform policy and advocacy work for the
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/about/history/ History Highlights | Neighborhood Parks Council - 2011 NPC Celebrates 15th year anniversary and Fiscal Sponsorship Group Successes • Celebrating the 15th year Anniversary of NPC, we also recognize over 30
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/about/contact/ Contact Us | Neighborhood Parks Council - SFPA  451 Hayes Street, 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94102 phone: (415) 621-3260  fax: (415) 703-0889 NOTE: If you'd like to
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/programs/ Programs | Neighborhood Parks Council - NPC knows that active community participation in our parks fosters public investment in our city's open space. Working together to support our parks strengthens
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/programs/fiscalsponsorship/ Fiscal Sponsorship | Neighborhood Parks Council - What is Fiscal Sponsorship? Fiscal sponsorship is a relationship between an organization such as the Neighborhood Parks Council that has tax-exempt status
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/programs/playgrounds/ Playground Initiative | Neighborhood Parks Council - The Playground Initiative is a partnership between the Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC) and the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (RPD). The
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/programs/playfields/ Playfields Stewardship Initiative | Neighborhood Parks Council - The Playfields Stewardship Initiative is a partnership between the Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC), City Fields Foundation (CFF), and the Recreation and Parks
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/programs/advocacy/ Advocacy | Neighborhood Parks Council - Ever since the idea to launch San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA) became a serious vision, the Neighborhood Parks Council and San Francisco Parks Trust made a
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/programs/openspace2100/ Open Space 2100 | Neighborhood Parks Council - Overview The goal of the Open Space 2100 Initiative is to create a long-term, sustainable roadmap for acquiring, developing, funding, and managing
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/programs/stewardship/ Stewardship & Park Groups | Neighborhood Parks Council - A park group is a group of neighbors and park users who work together to improve their local park. They come in all forms and sizes, like our city's various and
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/programs/parkscan/ ParkScan | Neighborhood Parks Council - ParkScan is a website that enables San Franciscans to report issues they observe in parks directly to City staff. ParkScan is a program of the Neighborhood
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/programs/research/ Research & Policy | Neighborhood Parks Council - The Neighborhood Parks Council conducts research into the conditions of San Francisco’s urban parks and their relationships with surrounding communities in
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/getinvolved/ Get Involved | Neighborhood Parks Council - Join the ranks of thousands of volunteers who donate their time and talents to San Francisco’s neighborhood parks! Volunteering is about giving,
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/getinvolved/volunteernpc/ Volunteer | Neighborhood Parks Council - Volunteers are a crucial part of our work. Every individual has something to offer the park world. We look forward to working with you to find the best project
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/park-information/ Park Information | Neighborhood Parks Council - San Francisco is home to over 230 parks and open spaces. The areas below will help you get acquainted with these various green spaces, and connect with the
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/park-information/benefitsofparks/ Benefits of Parks | Neighborhood Parks Council - (1) IMPROVING THE OVERALL QUALITY OF URBAN LIFE “The importance of pedestrian public spaces cannot be measured. We cannot prove
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/park-information/park-histories/ Park Histories | Neighborhood Parks Council - This collection of San Francisco Park Histories was written by one of NPC's most dedicated volunteers, Jeanne Alexander. A native of California and a U.
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/park-information/rpdinfo/ RPD Information | Neighborhood Parks Council - NPC has a blog with RPD-related posts. Check it out here. RECREATION & PARK DEPARTMENT McLaren Lodge & Annex 501 Stanyan Street San Francisco,
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/meetingminutes2011 Meeting Minutes 2011 | Neighborhood Parks Council - Check this page often for park and open space related meeting buy cialis for cheap minutes. If you would like us to post minutes from your park meeting,
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/news-publication/ News & Publications | Neighborhood Parks Council - Press Releases This section contains a list of press releases generated by NPC to the general public. Executive Director Blog This is a news-based blog
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/news-publication/press-releases/ Press Releases | Neighborhood Parks Council - Oct 5, 2011: Neighborhood Parks Council and San Francisco Parks Trust Join Forces to Create New Parks Support Group Sept 6, 2011: SF Named Playful
  • http://oldsite.sfnpc.org/news-publication/npc-reports-publications/ Reports & Publications | Neighborhood Parks Council - 2010 Park User Survey Report In October of 2010, NPC released our 2010 Park User Survey with the goal of collecting as much constructive feedback as

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