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Inicio - Toda la información de Córdoba en Onda Mezquita. La actualidad, los vídeos a la carta y la emisión en directo.

  • http://ondamezquita.com/index.php/nosotros/quienes-somos ¿Quiénes somos? - Onda Mezquita es la televisión local líder en TDT en Córdoba y su provincia. Con 105.000 telespectadores según el último estudió general de medios, es...
  • http://ondamezquita.com/index.php/nosotros/quienes-somos/contacto Contacto - Onda Mezquita se encuentra situada en el polígono La Torrecilla Onda Mezquita Tv C/Ingeniero Juan de la Cierva, 18 14013 Córdoba (España) Teléfono: 95...

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  • Marjorie Miles - Informative - Complex and Technical Reading ~ but..

    I had to continuously put the book down. It had this weird effect on me. Almost demonic in nature. I could not read it all in one sitting. I read and based on how I was feeling when I was reading I had to put it down. Too much doom and gloom for my spirit.

  • chris - Slumber party wars

    Great book. I enjoyed It a lot. Part s of it are like a diary. I love this book a lot. I believe that the whole slumber party wars was really necessary. I mean, they just made up right after Nicole 's new baby cousin was born right in her very home and not to mention her mom delivered the baby herself without the help of a paramedic. Everyone was shocked to see that Nicole 's mom,the accountant, delivery a baby! What kind of sense does that make! Just seeing the birth of a newborn meant that Nicole must have won the slumber party wars.

  • Star Z. - I cannot praise this enough

    I recently started drinking tea quite frequently and noticed that my veneers were turning brown. I have tried other teeth whitening systems such as the trays that you stick on for half an hour for 7 days and nothing seems to work. This is the only teeth whitening system that works and I am very impressed with it. I am a bit if a bad gal, not brushing the entire 2 minutes at times, and even then it still gets the job done. I love this product. I find it very impressive that it is both a toothpaste and a whitener and still works better than whitener kits.

  • M. Avery - Nope. No good. DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT!! PLEASE!!

    I have had it about 2 weeks now. Every 2 days, I have to reboot and reset up the unit. It is completely unacceptable. I use it as a range extender. I have 2 computers that rely on its connection and spending 15 minutes every 2 days to reboot and set up the connection is NOT okay.

  • Sipeish - LOVE

    Fell in love with this oil!! I use it in combination with other products and it has done amazingly well. At first it has a strange scent, but I'm starting to see that's just what Argan oil smells like. I switched to this from the Emu oil since the Emu oil wasn't doing much for my skin anymore, and I couldn't be happier. If you use a small pea amount it will absorb into your skin without the oily look, but if you use more of a dime size amount then it will mostly sit on the skin for a while. So far it hasn't clogged my pores, and I only use it at night along with witch hazel toner, AHA souffle, and hyaluronic acid. That combo has made my skin super soft, and supple. I don't think I will be changing that routine anytime soon. Not sure if mentioning that I also use Koji San soap makes a difference.