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  • 1down5up - The best product you will ever buy!

    I have a '92 Ford F-150 4.9L I6 with 135K on it. The idle was a little rough and the power was a little lack-luster, but that's really what I expected from a 13-year old truck. After a while, I started getting a knock that really impacted performance. The only way I could keep the knock at bay was to run 92 octane gas, which was really getting expensive. I went into the local auto parts store to look for some type of cleaner, when the employee said that Sea Foam would solve all my problems and told me that I could get my money back if it didn't. Very skeptical of his claims, I bought it anyhow to give it a try. With the engine hot I put the first 1/3 of the can into the large brake booster vacuum line slowly at first, then sucked as much in as quickly as possible until the engine stalled. I replaced the vacuum line and waited for about 15 minutes and started it up. It started a little hard at first being flooded with the Sea Foam, but while revving the gas, it soon ran very smooth and started to smoke like that old movie "Uncle Buck". I made an unbelievable smoke screen that literally shut down Beach Blvd on the MS Gulf Coast for about five minutes! The motor in the old Ford suddenly began to idle perfectly and throttle response was amazing. I then added 1/3 of the can to the oil fill hole in the valve cover and the rest in the gas tank (as instructed on the can). Within about 10 minutes all the lifters were silent and the motor ran as perfect and as powerful as it did the day that it rolled off the assembly line! I now run it on 87 octane gas with no knock whatsoever, so the savings at the pump has paid for the can of Sea Foam many times over. After cleaning all the carbon out of the motor with Sea Foam, the only thing that smokes now are the tires!

  • Gregory Howell - Another one

    I've followed Finalmouse from the beginning. Back in their days of the pre 2015 Summer Edition (Classic Ergo) all the way to the Tournament Pro. I've tested and used the Original, Summer Edition 2015, 2016 Classic Ergo, and Tournament Pro. Finalmouse has nailed it with this mouse. Much like that of the Classic Ergo, the Tournament Pro is light weight, raw input tracking, and as solid as can be in regards to performance. NOW, what is exciting about the Tournament Pro is the shape. This mouse contours to my palm perfectly. The sides are slightly easier for me to grip due to the new material coating. Also, the new smooth side buttons feel wonderful.

  • Erin - Great

    This book has been a great source for me in learning the way to meditate..being totally new to meditation this book offers ideas and techniques to start. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in either mindfulness, meditation, buddhism or just simply finding a simple way of reducing stress in life and gaining more insight into the experience of being human.

  • jennifer orsburn - Great product!!!

    It came on time with everything it said it would have. I love it! The only down side was the vacuum filter bag is small.

  • Shawn West - the ear buds themself are nice and comfy.

    Been using these for the last few days. they fit around my ears with out any problems. the ear buds themself are nice and comfy. you do get some additional size ear buds depending on your ear size. They are charged by usb which a cable is supplied in the box. there is a power on/off/pair button on the wire and a volume up and down button as well. To pair the device just hold in the power button and voice in the headphones will say pairing, tecknet g940 wil come up on the phone, once its connected a voice with tell you its connected. there is a mic in the control button so you can also use it to make calls. music plays well not as good as the top of the range head phones, but still a good sound comes from them.