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  • Yari Garcia/Moody Thursday - Works Like Magic!

    I had pitch-black hair dye, and my hair is very thick and porous/dry. It clung onto my bangs, yet faded everywhere else in my hair. I looked so silly. I gave this product a try, and it worked fabulously!! I absolutely love and would highly recommend this product!!

  • rentotheny - fits great

    Don't know why the new 2016 trucks don't come with fuel caps, but they don't, so this was a must have in my opinion for my new truck. Fits great.

  • Douglas L Kessler - Really Performs - Just Do Your Prep Like Any Paint

    I tried this paint (HWP101) with their clear (HWP103 I believe) and it came out spectacular! It's ALL in the prep work. After 3-coats of their primer/filler I dry sanded with 600-grit sand paper as recommended. Then applied 4-coats of this silver making sure the wet coat (they call medium) was WET. I would call it a heavy coat -close to running. It really shines. Adding the clear coat (same number coats and heaviness of final coat) really added depth. These wheels go on a Lexus GX470 and are a little darker then "HyperSilver" but not much. In all, the product really performed. Tip: when the can gets low (20%) switch to a new can for the best spay...it sputters a little when low but doesn't wreck the finish.

  • etxmouse - Super Product

    This is a super product for home use. I have found many places where moisture exists that I wouldn't have known about before placing cups of DampRid around. I even successfully dried out my cell phone that got dropped in water over the Memorial Day weekend! Its' easy to kluge up your own containers to put the loose granules into. So I will continue to order this in the large quantities provided on Amazon. It's not easy to find the dry granules just everywhere.

  • Amazon Customer - No problems for me

    Like many others I've been using Quicken since the DOS days but after all the negative reviews for the 2013 version I was reluctant to update. I usually upgrade every few years and finally decided to take the plunge for 2014 from 2011. I had no problems at all and I also installed the iPhone and iPad apps without issue. I may not do some of the advanced things others do but for me it was easy. I only gave it 4 stars because although easy, there isn't much new that's important to me over 2011 but I like being current.