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  • jmc2 - Easy to use, great results.

    This is the best of what I have found and what I have used so far. Easy to use for me since I have no styling expertise at all. I like the brush bristles which gives me ease in rolling my hair to give volume. My hairs short and very fine. End results gives good volume and nice soft style.

  • James - Pretty good

    Purchased for trip to the States and shocked just how small and how good this camcorder is for the price. Lowlight performance isnt fantastic but outdoors and good daylight gives good results.The image quality is awesome.

  • B. Nichols - I will never mop again!

    I have two dogs, a wood stove, and a husband who forgets to take his boots off. Our linoleum floor in the kitchen/dining room is a wreck. So when I want to clean our floor, I have to sweep first, then prepare a mop and bucket and go to it. I put so much elbow grease into it that I'm exhausted by the end. No wonder I rarely do it. Then the floor is wet and I have to sop it all up with old towels. Boo!