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  • Amazon Customer - Technician Class 2014-2018 Audio Theory Course

    Good basic book that will help pass the radio course. Many questions that might be on the test are in the book but no where near the 300 or 400 that go on the test. I was hoping it would cover the test question that will be asked so I could study those. It would get a 5 if there wasn't so much superfluous conversation between the radio people for no reason. Those who already chit chat probably liked it but found it a turn off.

  • Tom Barber - Stay Away

    I tried this despite the bad reviews and it made me feel sick to my stomach and light headed (regularly) regardless of how much water I drank. I thought that it might diminish over time but it continued and eventually became worse so I stopped using it AND I did what the company recommended and it still did not do what it is advertised to do. As most dietitians have said, eat healthy (know where our food comes from or what is in it) and exercise.

  • Laura Osejo - Works great for the ladies!

    I bought this to shave my legs because I grew tired of my crappy "For Ladies" electric shaver, and dealing with shaving cream and razors is way too tedious. Works great, charge lasts, and it's easy to clean. Word of advice, DO NOT USE ON YOUR ARMPITS! I know because of reasons. No idea how it works on ladybits, but I'm not too eager to try after butchering my pits.

  • Bob Buddy - Gets better every year

    I've used this since it came out, and it is a solid product. This or TurboTax will take good care of you.

  • William - An interesting read but nothing new

    While incite full you could find much of the information elsewhere online for free. The section on Chris Christie was the only new piece of information.

  • Lily - This is the only shampoo I use, the best everyday shampoo.

    I tried using the new Grow Strong garnier shampoo and it was just terrible: left a strong plastic-y residue and little latter. I don't think I'll ever go back to another shampoo. Whether or not it actually prevent breakage, I can't really be sure of. However, the quality is this shampoo is extremely nice and there is biotin in it's ingredients. That combination would lead me to believe that I'm better off using this shampoo for breakage than any other kinds in the market and I do notice that I tend to shed more whenever I switch to a different shampoo (because I ran out of the fall fight one). Please give it a try.