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University of Oklahoma HSC Continuing Medical Education - University of Oklahoma HSC, Overall MissionThe mission of the University of Oklahoma College ofMedicine, Irwin H. Brown Office of Continuing Professional Development is toprovide lifelong learning for physicians and other healthcare providers basedon documented needs and professional practice gaps, utilizing evidence-basedmedicine fundamentals. Activities and educational interventions approved by theOffice of Continuing Professional Development support desirable physicianattributes including patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learningand improvement, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism andsystems-based practice. These educational activities and educationalinterventions will result in changes in learner competence and performance, andultimately lead to enhanced patient care and improved patient outcomes. Additionally, as an integral part of OU Medicine, the Officeof Continuing Professional Development supports the institutions mission ofleading healthcare in education, research and patient care. Approved:March 27, 2016Chittur A. Sivaram, M.D., F.A.C.C.David Ross Boyd Professor & Vice Chief |Cardiovascular SectionDirector | Cardiovascular Fellowship Training ProgramAssociate Dean |Continuing Professional DevelopmentApril 13, 2016John Zubialde, M.D.Senior Associate DeanProfessor of Family and Preventive MedicineUniversity of Oklahoma College of Medicine

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  • Jo in Camarillo - "Applicator" stinks

    The product seems to help a bit with body and color. I started with a smaller sized container of fibers, part of a "deal" that included a "patented spray applicator." The applicator did not fit the smaller container, and so I ordered this larger size, thinking it must be designed to work with the applicator: but it doesn't fit either!! So I have an applicator I cannot use, and am perplexed about why this is so - why hasn't the issue been addressed anywhere? I sprinkle the fibers onto the needy areas, and rub gently with my palms; but a workable applicator would be nice! I've been using the fibers daily, and see no build-up nor any residue on my pillow.

  • Shar - Amazing Product!!!

    I bought this for my then 2 1/2yr old who could not stay in bed until a decent time nor could he tell time. So this was the perfect clock, he loves it! Worked like a charm for him to understand when he could come out of his room and be up for the day. Easy to reset and set the time, plus it serves as a night light, highly recommend for those early rising kiddos!

  • Richard P. Paquin - Very happy with it!

    This is one of the best bluetooth transmitters I've found. The only negative, hardly worth mentioning is that the plug won't fit into many cigarette lighter sockets because of it's shape. But I use it on a switched cable assembly so it doesn't matter. Also, if it's left on accidentally when you exit the car, the key fob won't work to lock the car. The signal jams the key fob signal. I consider that a positive feature though, although it probably wasn't intended by the manufacturer. The audio it produces is absolutely wonderful and has enough signal to really give you a noise free experience, regardless of other stations.