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  • saintsomewhere - It worked like a charm then

    I found this stuff over ten years ago, though I don't recall where. It worked like a charm then, so I bought it again.

  • joketchum - Great Gummy Vitamins!

    I received a free sample of these vitafusion gummy vitamins and I just say that I personally love them! These are my opinions and I was not paid to try them. I thought they tasted great and I could see an improvement in my complexion and the over all appearance of my hair. I've had a lot of bad luck finding vitamins that I honestly felt as though "worked" but, so far, I really like these. They aren't a miracle pill by any means that are going to magically make your hair and nails longer or your complexion perfect but they do make you feel better and I personally saw a result. The only downside that I really had with these vitamins is that they tend to stick together and become lodged at the bottom of the bottle. I also had a fee gummies that seemed hard around the edges. I live in Arizona so its naturally hit here but I never stored them in the bathroom or anywhere near a window where the heat might affect them more. Other then those minor issues i thought they tasted great and made me feel better.

  • Gwen Flood - A Game-Changer

    I had amazing results on a 24 Day Challenge, and had continued success for the past year. I kicked a horrible coffee habit from day 1 and Spark is my new love! As a busy mom of 4, I needed something realistic and simple and this fit right it. The coaching was excellent and the meal plans were great too. My kids are everything I cooked, which made it simple. The cleanse was gentle and effective. I had tons of energy and finally had "regularity".

  • Trustmom - 1) I dont like the light colilored lining of the hood

    as a mom of 4 and owner of dozens(!) of strollers I think I know a thing or two .after researching for hours I endedup returning it for 2 reasons.

  • Margaret B. Depalma - Healing Honey

    This honey really has healing properties. I bought the honey for a friend who had open heart surgery months ago and had a dreadful raw looking scar. The difference in just two weeks of using the honey covered with gauze as a wet dressing is just remarkable. It's healing and her skin is returning to its normal color.

  • Ajay Hariharan - I like how it finished

    This caulk was ehhh. I like how it finished, and that its paintable, and that it was easy to apply, but it wasnt like other caulks that get smooth easily. This took a while to smooth out, and I still didnt even get it that smooth. Overall it did its job, so I am not complaining, just aestetically, it doesnt really look that great, but more of a user error than anything.

  • Carolina Girl - Royal finally gave in to majesty

    From the first moment Majesty saw Royal he wanted her. Royal wasn't going for it at first but she gave in. Destiny is a mess with her thugged out self. Her and Drake needs to stop fronting like they not together. Polo rubbed me the wrong way. I think he mad about Majesty and Royal being together. Chinx needs to let it go and move on. Lisa needs to go back in hiding. Why would someone be shooting at their house and no one knew where he stayed. Polo up to something I feel it he seem off and was occupied on the phone. Was he texting Lisa or the dude he tried to put on?????????