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  • Sandra C. Hofmann - Great exercise alternative for seniors

    Bought this for my 86 year old Dad (he'd seen it on TV) as an exercise alternative for him. He has COPD and wanted something that didn't leave him totally winded. He uses the chair several times a day and is very pleased with his experience. His small assisted living quarters can easily accommodate the chair and it quickly folds up if necessary to put away. My Dad's experience has been so positive that I'm thinking of ordering one for me!!

  • Karen Edwards - YUP.

    I saw a GIANT cockroach on my bathroom wall last night and promptly started crying. I know it's completely pathetic, but I've never had to deal with this before--my dad, brother, or boyfriend has always been there to help--and I was at a loss for what to do. So I closed the door, shoved dishtowels in the crack, checked Amazon, and went and bought some of this stuff at midnight. I didn't know where in the bathroom the roach was, so I just sprayed some of this under the door and hoped for the best. This morning, I checked it out, and the roach was completely dead in the tub AND a baby roach that I hadn't even seen before was dead too. I'm glad I sprayed my whole living room and kitchen also; I'm sure I got some bugs I didn't know were there.

  • Amazon Customer - Different perspective

    I'd previously wondered how the Tudor brothers came to be close with their half brother the king, considering their scandalous roots. This book brought a new perspective to that relationship. Quite enjoyable!

  • carolaird - Amazing story, amazing author!

    I so love this book I have no words. I listened to the audio edition and Mr. Prebble's reading is superb. This story is most of all about friendship among men thrown into the worst and most extreme conditions. They survived because of that friendship, their sense of humor despite it all and because of their incredible commander, Shackelton. The story is about human decency in the face of brutal nature. I loved the nature descriptions, I felt like I was there with them at sea, on ice, watching those Cape Horn Rollers. Alfred Lansing is a truly amazing storyteller.

  • mixedreef - Don't do it!!! This is trash.

    Not an OEM Item. Shipped from china. Caused damages to my paint during installation. Ended up going to the dealership to pick up original. I had to destroy the item just to remove from my JKU and not cause more damage. Otherwise would have sent back for a refund.

  • Luis - Great Product

    This product is the best I ever used. When I do water changes I just add this product before not after I add the water. It's worked for me and haven't had any complaints with this product. Take the worry out when adding tap water to your tank just add the recommend caps for your tank and that's it. I have used it for over two years and havent had any problems. To Sum it up good product keeps your levels at bay and no mixing of different chemicals.