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    PLEASE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU USE THIS ON YOUR DOG!!!!! I put this on my elderly lab mix on April 14, 2015. She was active and we were looking forward to getting outside after a snowy winter. I wanted to be sure she was protected against ticks, most of all. About a month later we noticed that she was becoming lethargic. But we attributed this to our upside down schedule due to a family emergency. Then she seemed more unsteady on stairs and her hearing declined drastically. At this point, we attributed it to her age and the fact that now we were remodeling. Again, a change in schedule. By the middle of May, she was beginning to pick at her food. We switched foods and that didn't help. She hardly ate anything. We made multiple trips to the vet with no answers. Then one day, I connected the dots and took off her collar. She seemed to perk up after a week, but that was temporary. She died a week ago. I feel very strongly this was due to the collar. I have a video from December that shows her being active and her goofy healthy self. She had a check up in February with nothing terribly alarming. The general decline and weight loss from April 14th to July 7th was heartbreaking and dramatic. I wish I had read reviews before putting this collar on my beloved Stella.

  • Amazon Customer - In love

    I love their products I have their mud mask and it's amazing what I like about this is that after using it it doesn't leave your skin oily at oil instead it leaves nice and soft

  • melissa russell - Great for potential military students

    I was excited to receive this product in return for a honest review. My son will be taking the asvab test in the spring and needEd a book to study from. This book covers all your military needs from science to math and other information. I'm hoping he does well with this book. All the answers are in the back of the book.

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    From more than one occasion I can tell you that the pd32ue is indeed IPX 8 waterproof. Tough little light with long runtimes and the sun harnessed with a usable beam.