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Tudo sobre Licitações Públicas. Licitação é no Conlicitação - Participe de licitações, receba as licitações do seu ramo de atuação. Consultoria jurídica especializada em licitação pública. Maior banco de dados de licitação.

  • https://portal.conlicitacao.com.br/empresa/ Líder em divulgação de licitações e assessoria em licitação - O Conlicitação possui o mais completo banco de dados de avisos de licitações, editais e acompanhamentos de processo licitatórios do País.
  • https://portal.conlicitacao.com.br/servicos/ Divulgação de Licitações Públicas e Consultoria Jurídica - Divulgação de licitações públicas e consultoria jurídica especializada em licitações. Informações completas e segmentadas de acordo com seu ramo de atuação
  • https://portal.conlicitacao.com.br/o-que-e-licitacao/ O que é licitação? Informações básicas sobre licitação pública - Saiba como participar de licitações, conheça as modalidades de licitação e como ser fornecedor do governo. São muitas oportunidades de negócio diáriamente
  • https://portal.conlicitacao.com.br/noticias/ Notícias sobre Licitações Públicas - Noticias sobre licitações públicas, pregão eletrônico, legislação de licitação em todos o Brasil.

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  • J. Hurley - Nature's Way = Quality

    I've bought and used many herbal and other supplements over the years. This is one of those many of which I've tried. Nature's Way is a trusted brand and they have the best deals on quality extract versions. This is no exception.

  • J Craig - Does the job

    These stay on your teeth really well compared to products in the past. Noticed a big difference after completing only 3 treatments. I didn't experience the tooth sensitivity that I have with other products either. The price seems somewhat high, but relative in comparison. Good product, will buy again.

  • J. Layton - Totally satisfied with the machine-learn from me.

    My wife drinks several liters of seltzer a day. We buy the kind with all natural flavoring. You can imagine how many bottles we buy a week and have to carry out to the car and then into the house. Once they are empty I found myself filling a 40-gallon recycling bin with the bottles, every week! I searched Amazon knowing that there would be a soda maker for sale. The Sodastream brand had the best reviews. I also saw the machine for sale in a high-end shop in Roanoke, VA. When I returned home I immediately ordered a basic kit that included two seltzer bottles and the filling machine. I was not interested in their artificial flavorings. The machine is fairly well built but it is not commercial grade. You have to use common sense and handle it like it is made of plastic...which it is. The kit comes with two plastic bottles and a charged cylinder of CO2 gas. The bottles get filled with water and then screw into the filling machine. The bottles are made of sturdy plastic with a sealed cap to help retain the gas once you charge the bottle. The threads are custom-made for the machine. You can't use your regular soda bottles on the Sodastream. The CO2 cylinder is also fitted with a custom thread pattern exclusive to the Sodastream device. Here is where you should pay careful attention!

  • Bonnie - The special effects are intensely dramatic and appear real--in fact

    The special effects are intensely dramatic and appear real throughout the film. In fact, at the beginning, cracks appear in a side street which leads to the ocean in California--just 1/2 mile from my home. There are overwhelming incidents throughout the film that lend intense drama.

  • Debra E. Lassila - Lego City Advent-will buy again next year

    My son, 9 yrs old, loved it. Fun theme and creative pieces to put together. What an incentive to get out of bed every morning; he made a B-line straight to the Calendar to discover the day's Lego Toy. I would agree with previous reviewers, however, on the high cost of this toy and the unfortunate packaging of it that 'gives away' the surprises that await in each compartment (my son didn't seem to mind, though). The box itself is nice, though, because it gives the child a fold-out decorated platform on which to place, and play with, the legos.

  • TedandAmy - Binding were set to specified length

    I purchased these same skies from this same vendor... Through their website directly (not amazon) as they were running a 10% off sale at the time. Not only were the bindings attached, they set them to the specified length of my ski boot! Additionally, both by phone and email, they were helpful and responsive to my questions about proper length of ski to purchase for my height, current weight, and experience. To be safe, it is recommended that you should always have new bindings tested at a shop for release and proper setting of Din number. That said, I would highly recommend this vendor! Can't comment on the skis them-self, as I haven't used them yet. They certainly are ascetically beautiful skis. Will update review after use.