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  • Tim W. - Light and stylish. Good buy.

    I love these boots! I struggled finding boots that I could wear all day - my previous Converse gave me a terrible backache after only a few hours. But these have been great. They've held up well, and I feel like they are stylish enough that I can wear them to work most days without bringing along a second set of shoes. Strongly recommended.

  • tomatl - Very poor quality and customer service

    Very disappointed! The float arrived without the patch kit that was supposed to be included. Hoping that I would never need it, I called to request one any way. I was told that they would send one to me. They never did. I inflated the float and was careful to not over-inflate it and checked my dock to make sure there were no sharp edges that could puncture it. Two of us enjoyed it for about an hour. A few days later I found that it had a large stress tear (~2 inches across) in the lower section. I patch it but obviously the patch did not work or there is another leak somewhere else. The overall material is just too thin to hold up. I should have expected it. The cardboard box (from China) was also of such a poor quality that it was torn in shipment and was easy to tear apart. I have never written a negative review on any product until now. Save your money and disappointment.

  • Diane L. - ... with Moosh and i have to say that i enjoy it 100%

    My Boston Terrier Bruticus just had his 3rd bath with Moosh and i have to say that i enjoy it 100%. It smells great and he has really bad skin problems and i havent had a problem with it. He has dandruff BAD and this stuff actually cleared it up. He hasnt been itching as bad as he usually is and I really enjoy the smell. It lathers great and washes off thoroughly with nothing left behind. I have to say im VERY impressed with this dog shampoo! You have a customer for life!.I received this item at a discounted price for my review but i seriously love this product!

  • Amazon Customer - LOVE it!

    I used Joico's KPak products for a long time, but I wasn't in love with them because they didn't provide much moisture, and I kind of hated the tutti frutti scent of the line. Then I tried the Moisture Recovery products and fell in love. This stuff is great on my "blow fried" curly hair, it feels smooth, I can get a comb through it without pulling too hard and it's soft and shiny without being weighed down. And it smells so nice (a sweet floral, maybe hyacinth?)! I alternate the Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm with the Moisture Recovery Conditioner. My only wishes would be that they make the shampoo sulfate-free and make a hairspray with the same fabulous fragrance!

  • Tyron - Best 4k TV for the money

    I am a bit of a audio/video-phile and must say, this is an awesome product. I purchased this TV expecting to settle for a middle of the line picture and substandard features. I couldn't have been more wrong, the picture quality on this TV is outstanding. I understand that it doesn't have the best grey picture uniformity or the most noticeable HDR color reproduction, but you know, that really doesn't matter, because it's not something anyone is going to notice in 99% of TV/Movie watching scenarios. The colors are bright and vibrant, way better than my more expensive 1080p Samsung from 4 years ago (which also cost more money). Black contrast and uniformity is outstanding. I can never notice the backlight/bleeding when credits are rolling. I can't believe this is a standard LED TV and not a quantum pixel or OLED TV.

  • William Fink - Same old....with more bugs

    Not a lot to say about this version...it's still Quickbooks, with a few minor changes and updates. If you've used any version of QB in the last 5 years or so you will hardly notice the difference. For the most part that is a good thing. Getting someone up to speed takes no time at all, most things work as they should (with a few annoying exceptions). These quibbles are usually missing customization options, or just very hard to find settings. Nothing that is going to make or break you however.