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  • C. Wolfson - Worked for me!

    This product worked for me. First thing was to move foodstuff up into higher cupboards. Clean the shelves and under the sink area to remove any lingering food smells, crumbs, etc-- also remove mice feces. I sealed food like rice in glass jars. I always keep my windows closed because of allergies so no air currents to carry Fresh Cab "fragrance" away. I then placed the bags. I kept replacing them at first every 2 months and then stretched that out to every 6 months. I have pets and keep their food and treats in tins for freshness. This also helps to not attract rodents. Success. No more mice! I hate traps-- such a mess. So I am quite pleased with this product. I live in the woods, now. In suburbia I never had a problem. I also keep kitchen counters clean of crumbs and other food. Highly recommend this product.

  • Donna - Side Effects of Align

    I began taking this product at the suggestion of my GI. He said that Align is the best because it contains Bifantis. His diagnosis was that my digestive system had been depleted from antibiotics. I was having the usual systems--gas, diarrhea, low grade fever, fatigue, and generally, just feeling horrible. I was thrilled when the product worked almost immediately. However, I became very constipated, and despite eating good food and exercising daily, it did not go away. I have tried several things, including taking the product every other day, along with eating probiotic yogurt. The constipation is still present. My G.I. suggests taking the Align for two weeks on and two weeks off. However, the original symptoms always return before the two week withdrawal period is over. I have considered taking stool softeners along with the Align, but this seems to be playing with my system too much.

  • Amazon Customer - Paranoia?

    The story begins on an interesting note with an investigator working with the CIA's inspector general, returning to work after being on leave to deal with both personal and professional problems, being given what seems like a humdrum mission in Australia. A junior agency agent has gone missing. There is, of course, much more involved. The complexity and the too often intervention of fate are a bit hard to believe, but the plot is intriguing with a paranoid (maybe) agent trying to uncover agency wrongdoing . What is unnecessary is the unconnected and incredible drama involving the Australian love interest. This is a good book that good editing could have made much better.

  • Elizabeth - Helps you pas the PTCB

    This PTCB Exam Study Guide 2015-2016: PTCB Exam Study Book and Practice Test Questions for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Examination is a product that I received for free from the supplier o be reviewed. This book is designed to help refresh the information you already know to help you pass the PTCB. This book is easy to read and has a lot of useful information. This book has five chapters and then a practice test. Chapter one is assisting the pharmacist in serving patients and this includes information from defining terms, common references transferring prescriptions, and preparing and handling hazardous medications, etc. Chapter two is mathematics calculations and units of measure. This section includes Arabic and roman numerals, basic math with fractions, working with decimal numbers, working with percentages, working with ratios and proportions, units of measure, dosage calculations, concentrating and diluting, calculating iv flow rates, calculating chemotherapy dosage, statics and calculating specific gravity. Chapter three is a list of common drugs. Chapter four is maintain medication and inventory and control systems. This section includes the formulary, ordering drugs, receiving drugs, storing drugs, the maintenance of management of inventory, handling drug recalls, supply and demand and medication shortages, counterfeit drugs, ordering/borrowing drugs, and durable and non-durable equipment and supplies. Chapter five is participating in the administration and management of pharmacy practice. Which includes pharmacy operations, controlled substance, state board of pharmacy, counseling requirements, keeping records, patient privacy, communicating electronically, billing and reimbursement, processing claims, billing for a prescription, maintaining pharmacy equipment and medication errors. This book has been very helpful for me and it could be helpful for you too.