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  • Amazon Customer - As expected, fantastic!

    As always, the Awkward Yeti delivers exactly what we all have come to love and expect. A high quality book that is relatable, informative and hilarious! This is just a taste, if you want to see more I recommend purchasing his other Heart and Brain book, or check out the webcomics!

  • George Barquin - Buggy Program (AGAIN!!!)

    I don't know why I always bother to upgrade every year. Always the releases are too early and buggy. Many of the same issues I had with last year's version. The reports, particularly the ones I took many hours to customize are not working. Reports for Actual v. Budget (the ones that come stock) do not work.... Fills in my budget amounts, but displays NOTHING in actual? WTF??? Setup for the Quicken 2014 App was a huge pain in the a$$. Alot of difficulties connecting to several of my financial institutions. After 2 hours of install, uninstall, activate, deactivate, change logins, etc..... I finally got it to work. And I really don't know why, personally I think the app is a waste of time. Considering the app is a big feature for the upgrade, I would advise most not to waste money on this upgrade.

  • BookWormGert - An amazing read!

    Ms. Douglas has done it again. She created such unique, flawed, REAL characters, and I fell in love from page one.

  • Sherri L. Terling - It's a horribly brilliant show

    It's a horribly brilliant show .. so much disfunction that it makes you want to look away but you can't , the acting is just amazing sometimes I forget I am watching a show it's just so consuming... love it

  • Lynn - The case for a case of paper plates.

    Many ecological types are down on paper plates, but we look at it this way: Currently our area is in drought conditions and by using paper plates we cut down on water usage. Buying by the case makes economical sense and with this vendor, the process is a breeze. Thanks guys!

  • Thakshi - Thank god for snore shield.

    For the last few months my wife has been snoring and I constantly have been getting woken up around 2am. It's rather frustrating actually. I and my wife have both tried to work on the issue research wise to find something that will prevent her loud snoring and it took us some time. I ordered the SnoreShield about a week ago, and I am very greatful I found this product after hours of searching. The first night my wife used this, she had not snored once! She says it fits comfortably so it does not bother her at all. I am glad I came across this, and I am happy it fits comfortably on my wife. You can't go wrong with this one. If you really think nothing will solve the issue, wait until you try this.