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  • Lori A. Grove-flynn - Defective and Very Hard to Get Help

    My husband purchased this for my birthday (at my request). It arrived quickly but when it was assembled it did not run. The incline did not work, the motor would not accelerate and it was very loud. We have called customer service numerous times but it took 2 weeks to get a repair man to come to our house even though the unit was defective from the first. Once the repair man came he determined a bar on the bottom of the treadmill was bent and cracked and unable to be repaired. We now have an unfixable treadmill sitting in our master bedroom waiting to be returned.

  • gail hansey - Great but...

    This game is the greatest thing ever since ultimate shark sim but could you improve gazzels run speed and same with the hyenas speed too because I can't even catch a stork without losing it...😞 But could you make Ultimate snake, Bird, deer, fish, eagle, and ultimate bear sim? IT WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY BOSS IF YOU DID!🐍🐦🐃🐠🐥 P.S. I had to use a buffalo for a deer mojie and a bird mojie for a eagle 😝

  • MAH - Alabama - "HOPE"

    I wish I could give you this book because it's not often that we read something that will change our life. I have given this book to my family and and many friends. When I share this book with them, I say it's a book of "Hope" and I can almost read their mind when they hold it in their hands saying to themselves. I don't have time - this book is daunting upon first sight it is so thick - and I say with a smile of understanding, a fourth of the book at the back is given to references and if you read a few chapters a day you will read it in two weeks and find it hard to put down. The gift of your time is worth the reward. I'm reading it now for the second time.

  • Francesca D. Bowman - Lots of bugs stuck to the trap

    I love seeing the variety of bugs stuck to the tac trap. In addition to a few mosquitoes, there were hundreds of pesky flies and knats caught on the tac trap. It's like a bonus from the Skeeter Vac itself. It's quite possible that the numerous bugs on the tac trap are merely a small sampling of what's in my backyard. But it feels good to see them stuck to the paper. Could be illusory.

  • KC in KC - Not much changed for existing users

    Every year (since 1995) I have been forced to upgrade to the latest and greatest Quickbooks version. Each year they move around the menus and refresh the icons so they can call it an upgrade. The truth is that there is very little new functionality in the 2013 QB for Mac that wasn't already present in the Windows based product in 1995. In the last 4 years there have been no new features in QB Mac that benefitted my business.

  • Candy - Drama ahead.

    This was a good read. Majesty and Royal were truly compatible and their chemistry was genuine. I can see the couple going far and becoming something special. I think it ended way too fast, but other than that it was good.

  • Michelle C - This set had just what I needed without having to order additional parts

    I've been looking for a good wall mount for the house, and was happy to see this wall mount kit had everything I need to get the job done (minus the tools). The mount is of very solid construction and is not cheaply built. There was some assembly required when it arrived, as the rectangular frame you mount to the wall arrives in 4 pieces. I'll be installing this in just over a week and I'll update my review once I've had a chance to see it in action. Other kits I looked at did not have the TV mounting bars, so it was great that this set had just what I needed without having to order additional parts. My favorite feature was the addition of a HDMI cable in the box, which in my opinion really increases the value of this kit.