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  • S. King - Terrible Edition

    The board is too tactile for the planchet to move easily on it. The batteries in the planchet also weigh it down. Just terrible reimagining of something that used to work just fine.

  • M. D. Standifird - Disaster movie with a plus

    I like apocalyptic end of the world movies. And anytime the destruction starts in LA it is even more enjoyable. The disaster sequences and visual effects are worth the price of admission.

  • casz - This stuff works great! Will work on automotive paint as well without ...

    This stuff works great! Will work on automotive paint as well without causing any damage. Great stuff!

  • Andrew - After a lot of experience, no supplement is perfect for every situation

    There is a trick to these supplements. You have to take them with enough food for the all the B vitamins to burn off of. Otherwise, you can get really tired and sick from the 1000% daily value of B vitamins. It always makes my vision sharper, and my speech more articulate and I'm more enthusiastic and more playful. It helps me come up with ways to joke with people, a way of being aware of the situation at hand to a heightened degree.

  • ariel - Fantastic Product- Worth Every Penny!

    To start: I mention a few products by brand name in this review. I have not received any kind of compensation in the past & will not receive any at any point in the future. These products are listed solely for comparison and as recommendations for successful use of the product under review. My references to the costs & shipment of my personal order refers to a purchase made directly from the official Giani website & are only included because I feel that customer service contributes to the overall value of a product, and thus its overall rating.