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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Macdaddy123 - It worked well, I am on a lake so ...

    It worked well, I am on a lake so I did not expect the full effect or time. I got about 2 months and was pleased

  • PB&J - Very nice for the price, but very buggy (UPDATED)

    Overall I really love my Chromebook. I'm very familiar with Chrome and use Google's products daily, so it was easy to adopt to. The keyboard is actually much better than I expected. Very comfortable and responsive. I like the ease of use overall and think it was money well spent.

  • Chin - Five Stars

    The packaging is excellent nice thickness glass is what I always look for when buying screen protectors

  • PCMLAW - Lifesaver

    A large part of my adult life has been looking either for my car keys, wallet, or cell phone. This tracker has solved my problem. Especially like that it gives an audible alert when your wallet & phone are separated. More than once it has saved me from driving to town without my wallet.

  • Heidi Vaughn - WORST customer service ever

    The product itself is great, although over priced...BUT the customer service is horrible!!! Every single time I call with questions I end up frustrated. I moved and updated my address before moving, but for some reason proactive sent my next three shipments to my old address. When I would call to inquire on where my shipment was or what was going on they would tell me that it was sent (to my old address, even though I updated it EVERY SINGLE TIME). To top it off each time they told me there was nothing they could do to help me. I have had to contact the postal service, and new residents because of proactive's errors that they refuse to fix. I also called today to cancel, since I have yet again not received my shipment, and was told "Sorry I can only answer your questions not update any account information because our systems are having maintenance." How can a company be so horrible to customers, especially ones who are paying such big bucks. So basically NEVER buy proactive. Get the knock off brands for a third of a price, they literally do the same thing.