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  • Q&A: In Death Note, both main characters (L and Light) seem to be somehow evil. What are some of your thoughts on this? - In Death Note, both of the main characters (L and Light) seemed to be somehow evil. What are some of your thoughts on this?

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  • Tacoma Guy - This is a "safe" bet!

    No longer do I worry about leaving my truck parked in a unfamiliar area and having my valuables gone when I return. I know a smash and grab is always possible, but now I feel better that any would be degenerate theif will be sorely dissapointed if they so choose to pick my truck! I can drop my iPod, Oakley's, or whatever else I don't want to carry with me in the Vault and know for sure they will be there when I get back to the truck.

  • Amazon Customer - Bloated and Constipated

    Horrible product! It "don't" work and man the abdominal pain from being bloated and constipated kept me up all night the last time I took it. Save your money, this product is a no, no.