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  • Carol Bienz - OH MY GOSH!!!

    OH MY GOSH! I bought this item just "knowing" I was going to end up having to return it. I was looking for something discreet but didn't want to sacrifice too much on the sound, comfort, or battery life and I that's just what I got. Not to mention the versatility given by being able to use it in one ear or two... I am extremely pleased with this device and highly recommend it to everyone!

  • Evie Farris - Beware of this cream during pregnancy

    Beware of using this or any other cocoa butter product during pregnancy. It can actually cause your baby to have a heart arithmea. I was using this cream for stretch marks on my belly. After my doctor discovered an irregular heartbeat from my son in utero, I was sent to a specialist who did a fetal echo and told me to go off caffeine (I wasn't having any except a little chocolate) and cocoa butter products. Came back a week later and his heartbeat was fine. They told me it's actually pretty common. Don't risk it with this product! Totally not worth the scare.

  • Jill Appleseed - A reminder that doctors don't all agree about causes and ...

    A reminder that doctors don't all agree about causes and effect, and that all drugs have side effects. We don't always even know the cause of a problem or how a medication will affect the rest of our bodies. Maybe we trust a doctor's opinion too much!

  • Carl Campbell - Definitely worth it

    Panel must be easily damaged as the first one arrived with a cracked screen. Amazon replaced instantly though, and I am now using it as an on-the-go/guest gaming-pc screen! Such a great screen for the price. Because it's IPS it's actually better than the 3D Asus TN panel I got a few years back for 1/6 the cost.

  • Jessica Tate - 6 wks prego

    I never write reviews, but after trying for a year I tried this and was pregnant after 1 1/2 months. I wasn't ovulating before because of cysts on my ovaries and now I'm 6 weeks prego! I wanted to try this before clomid and I'm so glad I did.