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  • Amz Prime Member - I love that it came with the pump

    This review is for the California Basics Vacuum Space Saver Bags Bundle for Storage (15 Count). I purchased this set because I not only wanted larger storage bags for my blankets and winter clothes, I wanted the smaller sized space saver bags for traveling. This set worked out perfectly for me. I recently went on a cruise. I did not initially put my clothes in the space saver bags. I waited until my return home. I had souveniers and wanted everything to fit. I love that it came with the pump. It is very convenient to have for travel. Using the vacuum is a lot quicker, though, so I would recommend that for home use. Using the vacuum bags on my trip was really awesome. I even had open space in my suitcase left after I was done. They are not only good for just travel, You can use them at home to store more items in a smaller place. I have a few of them stacked in my smaller linen cabinets because they fit better than the larger bags. These bags are made of the thicker plastic bag material so they will not rip or tear. They hold the seal very well and I had no problems with any air getting in. This set is made very well and a better quality than some others I have ordered in the past. I am very happy with my purchase and this product. I received this set of vacuum seal space saver bags at a discounted price to give my honest review and this is my honest review of the California Basics Vacuum Space Saver Bags Bundle for Storage (15 Count).

  • m guyton - Great product!

    This twisting butter is great! My curls are more defined and last longer. Unexpected surprise, the moisture my hair receives from this product.

  • Mizzani - It actually does work just expect hair growth in other places as well LOL!!!!

    I'm giving this four stars because although my hair did grow 4.5 inches in 2 months I also grew a mustache LOL. I mean a crazy mustache like thicker than my BF's come on now that ain't right. Originally I thought it was peachfuzz cuz I have a little but then one morning I woke up and saw I had whiskers I was stressed nervous and thought it was hilarious all at the same time. But overall its a great hair growing product my hair is now almost to the middle of my back. I can not see any difference in the thickness of my hair but definitely the length. Just be ready to wax your top lip once a week. *Deep Sigh* The things we do for vanity. Over here rocking a mustache so my hair can grow LOLOLOL. I haven't used hairfinity in about 4 months. My tache has gone away and my hair is still long and healthy. This is just my experience yours may differ.

  • Stephanie Robertson - For any real lady

    I have never been so happy to have a Lady's pen in my life. My husband brought them home for me. They are perfect for writing down recipes while I cook, clean and take care of our seven children. My favorite aspect is that I don't have to push so hard on them, considering my frail, weak lady-like hands. Don't get me started on the color coordination. Each one matches my dresses and skirts. I've even bought nail polish to match. These pens are perfect for all women around, and they encourage us to look slim for our husbands, based on their slim design. I absolutely cannot get enough of these. I hope Bic can create similar cooking-wear and even ingredient cards.