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  • J. Woods - Great Tax Software

    It imports you information from last years taxes which makes taxes easier to do. It has pdf sofware included to create a digital copy. It is my choice for tax software.

  • Holly Bowers - Gives Relief

    I have severe lumbar arthritis and some spinal stenosis. This product is easy to use and does give some relief. I use it while I'm on the computer or watching TV ... the light pad slips off the hand holder and can be slid easily under clothing. You can set the light therapy at three different levels and add extra heat if you like. The unit shuts off automatically after approx 15 minutes so you don't overdo if you fall asleep. It's easy to reset. I think it's better than a heating pad and easier to use. I'm sensitive to energy moving through my body and this is sending a good amount of infrared energy which I feel more intensely when I put it directly on my lower spine. It probably won't cure your ailment, but it should bring muscular pain relief and some overall relaxation. I would purchase additional units as gifts.

  • J. Ernest Green - Great grinder for the money

    This is a really great grinder for the money. Sometimes the grind is a little inconsistent but with some patience you will get a nice grind and awesome coffee. I would buy this again.

  • Kristina Fulgham - So bad

    This was so bad. The original was so good, and they should have left it alone. The dialogue is cheesy, the acting is barely acceptable, and the plot is filled with random unnecessary moments that add absolutely nothing to the story. The whole thing has a childish feel to it, trying to be important and ending up embarrassing itself instead. I couldn't even finish it.

  • Christina L. Bell - Useless.

    I was uncomfortable consuming a pill the color of 80's nail polish & even more uncomfortable w/ how my urine was NEON the entire time I took these (discoloration directly coincided w/ the duration of the bottle.) No percieved affects on hair, skin, nor nails; in fact, I achieve rapid hair growth taking a regular multi vitamin.

  • Paula Harper - Really great in the morning

    Kapha Tea has ginger in it. Ginger is what helps us keep our weight down. It has a great flavor. In fact, I am drinking mine right now. I drink it every morning. Great way to start your day, without caffeine. Actually Maharishi Ayurveda makes several teas for each type body. If you want to learn more about these wonderful teas made just for your body type, I suggest you go to the page and find out more about your body type and which tea as well as other helpful items for your body.