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  • Debbie Tran - Fabulous product! I wish someone would have invented this ...

    Fabulous product! I wish someone would have invented this thing a long long time ago! Our dog loves it. Thank you👍🏻👍🏻😉

  • G. Parsley - Worthless

    Worthless. $25 for what may as well be a bottle of water. I followed the directions, sprayed my two Chihuahuas and let them in the backyard about an hour later. One Chi is all white, so it is very easy to see the fleas getting on him. Within second of him hitting the grass the fleas were all over him, and none died, I had to comb them all out. I think he may have actually attracted more of them after I sprayed him with this useless product. Don't waste your money.

  • K. Neff - From ineffective to effective parenting!

    Total Transformation has changed the lives of both me and my 10 year old son. He battles with ADHD and has always ended up in trouble at school and anywhere else he might go. He's a very sweet and kind child but would end up having tantrums when he becomes overwhelmed with negative emotions. With the step by step skills learned from TT my son is a new boy! I have heard from his teachers, from family that he has become a joy to work with each day. He no longer gets in trouble daily at school or has to be told what to do. He has become proactive and pleasant. Most importantly he has gained confidence. Watching the results of his new positive behaviors has been a joy as he has become very popular with other kids at school. He has friends and is well liked, which is not something I could have said a year ago! I cannot recommend this product enough. Effective parenting is not for lazy parents and it takes ongoing work; however the results are worth it. I recommend to every parent who tells me they are less than pleased with their child's behavior...which is almost everyone. You must try it and take the advice on. If you take the advice and use the system it WILL work.

  • T. Haderlie - Great product!

    I really like this product. I bought one at a local store and was very impressed with it. I am purchasing this one as a spare to keep in my purse. They charge via a wall charger. The charge lasts several days if not several weeks. I highly recommend it.

  • Amber - Great for any age!

    This is the second book in the Harry Potter series to be released in an illustrated version. I waited until this one came out to purchase the Sorcerer's Stone edition because I wasn't sure how much I wanted it. As an avid Harry Potter collector, it seemed more of like a thing to have for my collection but now that I have this one and the Sorcerer's Stone, I'm so excited to read them. The art work is not by the illustrator of the original covers and chapter pages and even the calendars I think however it's still gorgeous looking. It's honestly perfect for any age and gets me away from picturing Daniel Radcliffe any time I read Harry Potter to a more imaginative image of the world of Harry Potter. The dust jacket is removable so it can still be kept in a collection quality even if you read it and it has a built in book mark. Shipped and received fast through Prime however the top right corners on both were bent a little from shipping or packing. If you're looking for this just to collect it might be better to purchase in a book store so you can review the quality first.

  • Amazon Customer - SCAM ARTISTS!!!

    Freedompop is a scam artist- beware!!!! They actually REFUSE to turn off your service and delete your account no matter how many times you tell them to!!!! I reccomend Clear instead as its like $50 a month for unlimited (for real unlimited, not freedom poops fake) and their internet devices are cheaper too!!

  • mhughes - Great product

    Started using this foundation primer about a year ago and saw the results immediately. It goes on smooth and feels good. My foundation stays on evenly and throughout the day. Of all the products of Laura Mercier that I use, this is by far the best! I recommend it.