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  • S. Ryland - How long...

    How long do you go on "just getting started" while relying on another job to pay your bills before you realize you're wasting your money, only making the diamonds richer?

  • Sofia H. - Nice product.

    The application was really easy. I just rub a little bit over my scars and just do a few circles for about 60 seconds. Almost instantly the cream leaves my skin feeling very soft. I have a surgical scar that stretch across my body in a very intimate way. It’s very, very dark in color and not all that pleasing to look at. The skin was always puckered and had a bit of a rough texture to it from the healing process. After about two days of using the cream, I noticed that the skin around it seemed to relax some and feel much softer to the touch. I was very pleased with that result. The scar itself is very dark in color, so I expect that it won’t really lighten until a much longer period of use. But just for the softening effect, I would definitely buy this cream again.

  • Amazon Customer - Performs advertised - but mind the expiry date

    This is a really cool substance I have used for a number of repairs and hacks. From repairing damaged microphones and antennas on our Fire Company radios (we beat the crap out of them on the job)to patching an errant hole in a water barrel and even creating new bushings for a fan motor!

  • Vikki M - Interesting Alternative to Beef Jerky

    Admittedly I've never heard of Biltong before. When I saw it was similar to what I know as beef jerky, I just knew that I had to try it. I absolutely love the original beef jerky they sell in the stores around here. I was also impressed that this was much more natural and contained no MSG, no nitrates, no additives, etc. It appeared to be a perfect and healthy snack for me. I'm always looking for something different to munch on. It arrived and I opened the bag and it looked delicious and actually more appealing that typical beef jerky. However, when I took that first bite... I'm not sure what I was expecting but that was not it! For a split second I was tempted to spit it right back out again. I chewed through the initial taste and swallowed. I hesitated as I considered the taste. It was much softer and easier to chew than I'd expected. On first taste, I could not say that I liked it at all. But I gave it another chance and grabbed another piece from the bag. Here goes, I said to myself and popped it in my mouth. Biltong must be an acquired taste because the second bit was not as bad as the first. The flavor grew on me and I can say that I actually liked it the more I ate. I refrigerated the package after trying a few pieces so I could save some to try again the next day. When I tried it again a day or so later, I had a similar experience. The first bite was a little off. Not necessarily because I don't like it, but I think more so because I have it stuck in my head that it should taste like beef jerky. Once I finish the first piece, I actually enjoy the following ones. I'm not sure I will ever grow to love the flavor but I like that it is more tender and easier to chew that traditional beef jerky. I also love that it is high in protein and low in fat and makes a fully natural snack. And just maybe my taste buds will become accustomed to the beefy taste and I will grow to completely love it in time.

  • Alta Boy - Awesome Ninja

    I bought this blender after starting to eat more raw food. It has plenty of power and is able to pull the food down without having to stop and push it down. It is a little noisey but that is what you get for the having all that power. Would buy another one, I love it. It does what it says it will and is easy to clean. I googled and found a 30 dollar coupon also. Livingrawbygrace dot com

  • phillip recio - Wonderful quality pedals

    Wonderful quality pedals. Tough to get the brake pedal on, but well well worth it! One of my favorite additions to my r/t.

  • Sidney N. Reed - Not sure the pain is worth the pretty...and doesn't plump

    I wasn't looking for big, puffy, Angelina lips like this product's name hints at. I just wanted something to warm up my lips and get the circulation going. I have average size lips, but they are always so pale! I was hoping this lipgloss would stimulate them and get the blood flowing. Unfortunately, it gave all of the feeling of pumping blood, without results.