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  • pinecone66 - good deal but RTIC according to Nicole their customer representative ...

    Warranty CAUTION .. Unfortunately i got 2 30oz Tumblers and the Lids are defective (RTIC knows about this defect) and leak between the cup and seal. I have contacted RTIC regarding this and they will not warranty their product unless its purchased directly off their website. My purchase was a groupon good deal from groupon but RTIC according to Nicole their customer representative they will not honor any warranties where they distribute for resale. I did read the warranty off their site - does not state that at all. I guess RTIC can make warranty information up on the fly. Warranty

  • eag 429 - This novella is right up there with the best of them

    I have been reading the Troubleshooters books for many years. This novella is right up there with the best of them. We get to meet some new characters and catch up with some more familiar characters. Suzanne Brockmann has delivered again and I am looking forward to the new full length novel coming next July. My one complaint is that the expanded baby scene at the very end seems to be missing a part.

  • tasha prater - cell phone

    It is a great phone but i don't know why it keep turn off by itself . I don't think I will get it again

  • Florida Hillbilly - Good read... I'll get other books by Horn to read

    Good book... some redundancies in it, but overall it was a good read. I enjoy exploring different opinions on God's Revelation. We'll all find for ourselves in time, won't we? This is much about conspiracy theories of different sorts -- reasons we should watch our back -- and reasons to question your own loyalties. I do this anyway, but it is fun to read others' writing about it.

  • MorseMan - Total Frustration!

    Many MANY false separation alarms. I was in contact with Jessica via e mail a number of times. There was an update for Android along in there, and I thought the problem had been solved. Not so! It continued to give false alarms. Finally, they authorized a return, which I did upon retuning from a three week road trip.

  • Richard T McCahill - Non stick My Buttocks!

    Like many of you out there I couldnt wait to crack a couple of fried eggs on this to see if it works like it shows on TV. Bad news folks, it dont! In the commercial they show a guy sliding two fried eggs around in the pan and it is a total lie. I dont know about you folks, but I dont like getting suckered. This pan is going right back where it came from.


    The crux of this book is in proposing a way for readers to create a brighter healthier future for themselves. It is written for people who have symptoms of a weak immune system and want to boost their immunity, as well as holistic health care practitioners and doctors. The authors cover chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, AIDS, food allergies, frequent digestive problems, headaches, muscle or joint pains,depression, memory loss,skin rashes, sensitivity to tobacco, perfume, chemical odors and a litany of other conditions which they relate to Candidiasis, an overgrowth of yeast in the body. A self-assessment medical history questionaire in the book is helpful. The authors believe that getting well is more dependent on healthy eating rather than massive doses of medicine or vitamin pills. A Body Ecology Diet plan and meal menus are included as well as tips on both "inner" and "outer" cleansing of the body. There are testimonies from people whose health improved after following the suggestions given in the book. Data is presented in a straight-forward, and clear manner. A plausible alternative.