Recovering u | A new Life | A new you | Gloria Englund - I was very uneducated about medications that are effective for substance use disorder (SUD), especially opioid use disorder when my son, Aaron, was still alive.

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  • Houdiniboi - Great Cooler, Better Option for me than H20! A bit tricky to install on an ATX ASUS Motherboard. Worth a look!!!

    1 month after purchase and this cooler was a great alternative to H20 cooling however it is very very large. Plan your build carefully due to the nature of its overwhelming size, I had to install two memory sticks first before they became covered. I can still wiggle them out if really needed but I took caution to install 16gb in those 2 slots so I should need to. One other thing that was frustrating at first was the insanely improper tool to secure the cooler. Again due to it's size there are hex bolts that attach to a mounting plate on the back side of the motherboard and they have a "Philips" head but the tool they provide is a hex wrench. If you have a "phillips" type right angle tool than installation will be a breeze. Like an "Allen wrench with a Phillips head". Lights are nice and again I like this cooler, you just need to plan well. BTW, I do serious gaming with a lot of heat produced and this works well.

  • Kelly - Going Through Quickbooks Support Was an Epic Disaster - This Was SO Much Easier (and cheaper too boot!)

    So -- I've been using Quickbooks for years and years for my small business. Mainly because it's what my accountant prefers and I had some experience with it at my old job. Other than that... no special preference. I logged into my QB and tried to upgrade to 2016 (I was using 2013) and I got all the way through the purchasing process for it to say "sorry... call this number (it was like 18004intuit or something) can't complete purchase".

  • Rachelkathryn20 - Flat, flat flat shoe. The tongue is also ...

    Flat, flat flat shoe. The tongue is also attached to the shoe and does not have any give to get your foot in. I struggled too long to get my foot in, and I wear an average size 7. While I do have high arches I don't mind shoes that don't provide this support, but this was too flat and I could feel myself rolling my ankle. If you have to have these, consider going a size or half a size up, just to get your foot in!