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  • whistledow - ACT 2010

    Slicker than earlier versions. The SQL server app seems to be les of a memory hog than earlier versions. Would be nice to a web-based version

  • Gwendolen Victoria Rose - Balmex works well to prevent diaper rash in my daughter ...

    Balmex works well to prevent diaper rash in my daughter. Unfortunately one of the jars was impossible to open so we were only able to use two of the jars we purchased

  • Sophie - great great product

    these products are great, but the shampoo and conditioner must be used together a number of times before your hair feels clean and healthy in my experience, and don't use anything else in between. other products have drying agents that make it so that your scalp gets dirty very quickly. with no poo and one condition, i wash my hair once a week and condition it (to restyle) a few times a week. i used to have oily hair with regular condtioners. i have thick, wavy hair and this is the only thing that brings out the curl and doesn't make my hair look dirty. also doesn't break out my skin, for those of you that have that problem from other conditioners.

  • Rob P. - Minor defects

    Just started playing golf and wanted an affordable beginners club set. This set received the best reviews on several sites. The 5 hybrid arrived with dents on the face of the club. Since I'm a beginner it won't make much difference in the quality of my game but I am disappointed with the quality of the club I received. I probably won't buy another club online again and will want to inspect before buying. Overall, for the price I am still ok with this purchase. It appears that I am at least the third person to report this issue so I hope it is addressed by either amazon or top flight.